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Welcome to all things Disney’s Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida!

Fan-favorite Disney Show to Close Soon

fantasmic closure

Going to the Disney Parks is an experience to write home about. Whether that’s going to the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort, there’s much on offer for Guests to enjoy. Be it at a Disney Park like Magic Kingdom Park or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park at the former or Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park at the ...

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New Adventures Coming to Iconic Disney Attraction!

Star Tours

It’s no secret that one of the most successful franchises in history is Star Wars. From the time the first film — Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope — came out in 1977, fans haven’t been able to get enough of Luke Skywalker, Hans Solo, Chewbacca, and everyone else in the Star Wars universe. The franchise is so popular that there are ...

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Disney Fans Have Field Day With King Charles Clause In Reedy Creek Deal

Ron DeSantis Reedy Creek

After months of contention between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and The Walt Disney Company, it looked like the controversial governor had come out on top. Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature had signed a law that would dissolve Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District. The Reedy Creek board was disbanded and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Committee was created. Each board ...

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Disney Invokes Royal Family to Keep Control of Reedy Creek

Royal Family Disney World Reedy Creek

Just about one year ago, The Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got into one heck of a heated battle. The trouble started when the governor announced the controversial Parental Rights in Education Bill. Disney CEO Bob Chapek eventually spoke out against the bill and said that Disney would work to see the legislation overturned. From there, things ...

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Generous Guest Spends $800 On Lightsabers For Children

kurt tocci being saluted by character from star wars movie

The Star Wars movies might include lots of sad or violent scenes, and many stories of oppression or abuse, but Star Wars fans can apparently be just as kind and honorable as the Jedis who have inspired them onscreen as they overcome obstacles! One big Star Wars fan just spent almost one thousand dollars on lightsabers in Walt Disney World Resort, in a unique demonstration of ...

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If You’re Afraid Of The Disney Skyliner, Read This!

Disney's Skyliner over Caribbean Beach Resort

What’s your favorite ride in Disney World? Maybe it’s scream-singing along to Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind. You also could be the type of person who thinks “it’s a small world” is the best ride to ever exist. Heck, maybe you are someone who absolutely hates rides and is just there for fireworks, parades and corn dog nuggets. We ...

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