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Global Disney Parks

Sharing news and details about Disney Parks outside the United States of America.

Please Stop Doing This on Disney Dark Rides

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse are taking a selfie with a flash at a spooky, cobweb-covered dining table with ghostly figures in the background. Donald Duck, looking agitated, is pointing and yelling at something out of the frame, adding to the eerie Disney atmosphere.

What’s the one guest behavior that irritates you the most? Is it getting too drunk at EPCOT? Maybe being rude to Cast Members, wearing inappropriate clothing, or stepping out of ride vehicles? Well, on dark rides at Disney theme parks, there’s one guest behavior that is frustrating, disruptive, and can affect safety. At Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and ...

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Disney World Has a Lot to Learn About Proper Guest Behavior

Tokyo Disney guest behavior

A recent discussion on social media has sparked an interesting debate about Disney World guests’ behavioral expectations and norms. Most vacationers will likely only visit a few Disney theme parks in their lifetime and often don’t get to see just how different the experience is based on the location. Disney World, in particular, has many people frustrated over selfish guest ...

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Another Entitled Guest Climbs Onto a Disney Parade Float

Disneyland Paris parade

One Disney guest went too far during their visit to the theme parks… When you visit a Disney resort, there are so many things that guests can do to make their days magical. Disney parks are so much more than just incredible rides. The parks — no matter where they are around the world — are full of delicious food, ...

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Mickey Mouse Breaks Character, Harasses Minnie Mouse During Parade

Animated characters donald duck, daisy duck, minnie mouse, and goofy depicted in a classic style, standing in a row with surprised expressions.

Disney characters often come into conflict with one another (or amongst themselves on a larger scale) for the sake of brief Disney Channel or Disney Junior storylines about friendship and the importance of reconciliation. However, two classic Disney characters who never seem to fight or argue are the icons Mickey and Minnie Mouse — and, shockingly, those two Disney mice ...

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Price Hike at Disney Sparks Outrage, Fans Suggest Cheaper “Starbucks” Alternative

disneyland paris park name change

Disneyland Paris has seen another price increase when it comes to the cost of one of its offerings.  Price increases are the bane of any Disney fan’s time at the parks. It’s no secret that over the years, the cost of enjoying a Disney Park vacation (be that at Walt Disney World, Disneyland Resort, or any other theme park) has ...

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Disney Park Changes Name, But Fans are Unimpressed

disneyland paris park name change

The iconic Walt Disney Studios Park which found its home in Disneyland Paris, is going to be changed forevermore, per a recent announcement! Any Disney Park around the world is known to provide the ultimate Disney experience for fans. Whether it’s sweeping through the whimsical streets of Fantasyland in Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World, or enjoying a sportive afternoon ...

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#Capped: Guests Barred from Entering Disney Park

disneyland paris guests entering

In no surprise, the upcoming holiday weekend is seeing the Disney Parks packed, which means one Disney Park has already begun capping guest entry. Going to any Disney Park, be that a domestic one like the Walt Disney World Resort or the Disneyland Resort or a global one like Disneyland Paris, Tokyo Disney Resort, or Hong Kong Disneyland, is a ...

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Guest Endangers Self and Violates Disney Rules, Reportedly Faces No Repercussions

guest breaks tokyo disney rules

A guest at Tokyo Disney Resort recently violated Disney’s rules, potentially endangering himself, yet so far, no repercussions have been reported. One of the best places in the world to experience the Disney magic is at a Disney Park in a Disney Resort. Whether Walt Disney World Resort, Shanghai Disneyland, Hong Kong Disneyland, or Disneyland Resort, there are numerous rides, ...

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Teen Suffers Stroke During Disney Park Visit, Charged With $25,000 Bill

disneyland paris stroke teenager

In a tragic turn of events, a UK teenager suffered a stroke while visiting Disneyland Paris to celebrate his 18th birthday. Most of the time, visiting any Disney Park, whether it’s a well-known destination like Walt Disney World in the United States or an enchanting international location such as Hong Kong Disneyland or the magical Disneyland Paris, creates lasting memories ...

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Orlando Misses Out on “New World of Disney” Coming to Disney Park

fantasy springs tokyo disney

A new addition to the Tokyo Disney Resort—Tokyo DisneySea’s Fantasy Springs—boasts a “new world of Disney” not seen anywhere else in the world. One of the most intriguing ongoing discussions within the passionate  Disney fan community has to do with the perceived disparity in attention received by Disney Parks across the world. Often, US-based Disney fans feel slightly overlooked. While ...

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