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From Walt Disney World Resort to Disneyland Paris and everything in between! Here’s the latest information on the beloved Disney Parks.

“I Will NOT Be Back”: Guest Walks Away from Disney World After Seeing “Appalling” Behavior

bad parent behavior magic kingdom

Bad Guest behavior at the Disney Parks is certainly not new. Many have seen and experienced this multiple times over and have shared their frustration in these instances. Whether it’s Guests picking fights with fellow Park visitors, Disney Cast Members,  shouting obscenities at Cast Members, or parents abandoning their infants at the Parks, there are definitely those select few adults ...

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This Influencer Says Your Typical Park Outfit Is Tacky

lounge fly bag, spirit jersey, white Gucci disney shoes

Packing for your upcoming Disney World trip can feel totally overwhelming. Some people go crazy packing matching ears and Loungefly bags for each day of a seven-day trip. Some people DisneyBound and have creative outfits. Heck, some people just want to be comfortable and wear long t-shirts and bike shorts. Influencer Anna Bey though shared to her YouTube page with ...

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The Disney Security Hack You NEED to Know

Getting Unbanned from Disney

Hands down the worst part of going to Disney World is the lines. Rise of the Resistance can have wait times up to five hours long!! It’s insane. The first line you experience is the dreaded security line. Here we have the ultimate hack on how to SAFELY breeze on through. “If you want to breeze through security, without having ...

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Disney Park Removes References to Death in Haunted Mansion Ride

Haunted Mansion Changes Disney

In a move assumed to be in the name of “inclusivity,” Walt Disney Imagineers have removed items from one of the Haunted Mansion variants that ironically allude to the whole theme of the attraction family–death. Related: “You Asked. They Listened.” Guest Complaints Trigger Changes to Disney Park Ride Originally opening at New Orleans Square in Disneyland Park, a version of ...

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European Guests Keeping Getting THIS Wrong At Disney World

Magic Kingdom PeopleMover

Visiting a new country is scary and exciting at the same time! Going viral on social media is the claim that many European visitors coming to the states do not seem to realize just how big of a country we are! View this post on Instagram A post shared by We Read It One Night (@wereaditpod) Directly from the website ...

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In Defense of EPCOT: Disney World’s Best Park

In defense of EPCOT

As Disney fans, we need to come to a simple understanding. Magic Kingdom is in its own unique category. It was the last Park that Walt Disney had a hand in designing, and as a result, it holds a special place in our hearts. So, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, we can start talking about the ...

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Splash Mountain is NOT Closing on May 7… For Now…

splash mountain disneyland

In 2020, Disney took a dagger to the heart of Splash Mountain fans and announced that the iconic attraction at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World would be closing permanently to make way for a new attraction. The popular attraction opened at Disneyland in 1989 and opened in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in 1992. The attraction ...

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TV Show Crew Creates Heartwarming Disney Surprise

lafayette house residents leaving airport and waving, and disney characters at cinderella castle

The Walt Disney Company has faced a lot of scrutinies lately with negative results and lots of bad publicity as the result — but according to this local news station, the Disney magic is still alive and well in at least one unexpected place: New Hampshire! In the New Hampshire town known as Portsmouth, there is a place called Lafayette ...

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Generous Guest Spends $800 On Lightsabers For Children

kurt tocci being saluted by character from star wars movie

The Star Wars movies might include lots of sad or violent scenes, and many stories of oppression or abuse, but Star Wars fans can apparently be just as kind and honorable as the Jedis who have inspired them onscreen as they overcome obstacles! One big Star Wars fan just spent almost one thousand dollars on lightsabers in Walt Disney World Resort, in a unique demonstration of ...

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Halle Bailey Accepts Huge Honor In Disney World

halle bailey with princess tiana and halle bailey as ariel

Florida residents and Walt Disney World Resort enthusiasts — not to mention Academy participants — are most likely familiar with the Disney Dreamers Academy. This program provides countless life-changing opportunities for Black high schoolers or teenagers who are trying to find a path forward in life despite significant obstacles — and now one brand-new Disney princess (who has faced plenty ...

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