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Chris Hemsworth Reportedly Voicing Iconic Nintendo Character

Star Fox Movie
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Nintendo and Illumination have reportedly established a partnership after the huge success of the Super Mario Bros. Movie. Because of this, the animation studio and video game juggernaut are working together to bring more Nintendo franchises to theaters. Much like putting the popular Chris Pratt into the role of Mario, it is now rumored the studios are eyeing Chris Hemsworth to star as the voice of another endearing Nintendo character.

Limitless Disney

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Chris Hemsworth Appeal

Chris Hemsworth is arguably one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Fans love him, and his charm is perfectly suited for voicing an iconic Nintendo star. The actor is no stranger to voice acting, lending his talent to many Marvel animated projects. While he is most known as the Mighty Thor in Disney’s superhero repertoire, it would not be a stretch to imagine Universal’s Illumination Studios and Nintendo wanting him to take on the role of the famous Fox McCloud from Star Fox.

Star Fox

Credit: Nintendo

The Star Fox Franchise

The Star Fox franchise is a Nintendo series featuring anthropomorphic animal characters, led by Fox McCloud, who pilot spacecraft to defend the Lylat System from threats like the villainous Andross. Known for its fast-paced, on-rails shooter gameplay, players control Arwings through various missions, engaging in dogfights and boss battles. The franchise has seen several releases, including Star Fox 64 and Star Fox Adventures, with attempts to refresh the series, like Star Fox Zero.

The iconic characters and gameplay have earned Star Fox a dedicated fanbase, and its presence extends to cameos in other Nintendo titles, cementing its status in Nintendo’s lineup. An ensemble cast introducing audiences to Falco Lombardi, Slippy Toad, and Peppy Hare would almost certainly delight fans. The franchise is ripe for a movie adaptation, and rumor has it that Nintendo and Illumination know this.

Star Fox Adventures

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A Star Fox Movie

According to Giant Freakin Robot, sources claim that Chris Hemsworth is attached to star as Fox McCloud in an upcoming Illumination and Nintendo animated film based on the Star Fox franchise. While the source couldn’t indicate a release date for the film, it will likely not take wing for some time due to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. However, the project is reportedly already well underway.

It would be interesting to see Hemsworth take on the role of Fox McCloud. His iconic Marvel character has worked closely alongside Rocket Racoon, which is probably the closest you could get to what Star Fox represents.

Disney Fanatic will continue to report on this rumored Star Fox movie as new information presents itself. Nintendo and Illumination are almost certainly trying to keep their successful partnership going, and Star Fox is a great next step.

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