Citrus Swirl Returns to the Magic Kingdom!

After a brief hiatus from the Sunshine Tree Terrace, the Citrus Swirl classic Disney soft-serve snack has returned to the menu at Sunshine Tree Terrace in the Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland!

Credit: Disney

Citrus Swirl, or the iconic orange soft-serve ice cream found at Sunshine Tree Terrace (that can be served as is or swirled with vanilla ice cream) has been an on-again-off-again staple of the Magic Kingdom for a number of years. The tasty sweet treat debuted in the 1970s and disappeared from the menu for some time before reemerging in recent years. Since then, it periodically goes off the menu however given how quickly it returned this time, Guests should be optimistic that if they find this Disney snack missing it will be back soon.

Credit: Disney

When the Citrus Swirl was removed from the menu recently, the item was also removed from the My Disney Experience app, both on the menu and mobile order screens. So if you want to be sure the Citrus Swirl is available during your trip to the Magic Kingdom, you may want to double-check the My Disney Experience app before heading over to Adventureland.

The Citrus Swirl, which is reminiscent of Orange Bird and Walt Disney World’s original partnership with the Florida Citrus Commission is not the only delicious snack to be found in Adventureland. Sunshine Tree Terrace also offers a variety of specialty floats combining various flavors of soft-serve ice cream with all kinds of juices and sodas.

Dole Whip

Nearby, Aloha Isle serves up classic DOLE Whips and DOLE Whip Floats, plus pineapple and vanilla swirls for those looking for an extra dose of sweetness. And we can’t conclude a discussion on Adventureland snacks without giving a nod to the popular cheeseburger spring roll cart!

If anything changes with Magic Kingdom snacks we will keep you updated, but for now, enjoy the Citrus Swirl on your next walk through Adventureland!

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