Colorblind Bride Sees In Color During Disney Wedding


“There’s no better place than Disney World to see color for the first time”, according to this bride!

In a heartwarming scene worthy of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse’s magical romance, a Pennsylvania-based woman who has never seen in color was just given the opportunity to see the world in a whole new way during her Disney Fairy Tale Wedding to her groom Nick.

According to Kristin Robinson from Harleysville, Pennsylvania, a Disney wedding was already going to be “so exciting” — but being able to see the green hues of her husband-to-be’s eyes for the first time was the real Disney magic!


During their Disney Fairy Tale Wedding at the Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World Resort, bride Kristin saw her groom Nick’s eye color for the first time using glasses that counteracted her colorblindness. Credit: Walt Disney World Resort /

Kristin has been colorblind throughout her life, with her color blindness keeping her from distinguishing colors like pink or purple — but after putting on some special glasses, Kristin was actually able to see the colors of the world around her in the way that everyone else could who was attending the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding!

The bride’s father and brothers are also colorblind, but they, too, donned special glasses to share the experience.


Credit: Walt Disney World Resort /

In an interview with a local news station, Kristin explained that “color blindness for [her] is more so just seeing, like all similar colors look the same. So red and greens look the same. Blues and purples look the same, and the world overall just looks more mute than what someone with normal vision sees.”

Because pinks and purples were going to be some particularly standout highlights after Kristin donned the special glasses, the Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Team’s efforts to include lots of pink in the bride and groom’s wedding were even more magical!


The bride and groom watched fireworks in the Magic Kingdom after their Disney Fairy Tale Wedding. Credit: Walt Disney World Resort /

“This is surreal,” Robinson gushed on the day. “I’ve always dreamed of this. I finally get to see the colors.” Those colors were highlighted even further after the wedding in the Wedding Pavilion, when Kristin and Nick enjoyed watching some of Disney’s signature fireworks shooting over Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom!

Disney weddings are always magical, but this romantic union might just take the (wedding) cake! Do you enjoy heartwarming and romantic stories like this one?

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