Disney Adds More ‘Upgrades’ to Its Princesses

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Disney has been making many changes to the beloved characters known as Disney princesses as of late — whether it has involved putting them into more edgy or couture attire, or changing the colors of their skin to be more diverse — and now one branch of Disney princess products has just made even more changes!

Recently, the Barbie doll versions of Disney princesses, shopDisney princess dolls, and a brand-new collection of “diverse” and “engaging” Disney princess dolls all made headlines for their new approaches to Disney princesses’ appearances. These Disney princess dolls were sporting new, updated versions of their classic outfits — save for one particular style!

Not every Disney princess wears a wedding dress in her animated movies (or even in her live-action adaptations, although Elle Fanning’s Aurora wedding dress from Maleficent is still the talk of the town in wedding circles), but the Allure Bridals collection of Disney princess wedding dresses was still created with specific Disney princesses’ personalities in mind.

Belle wedding dress

A Belle-inspired wedding dress from Allure Bridals’ Disney Fairy Tale Wedding collection. Credit: Allure Bridal

The Allure Bridals wedding dresses have become well-known among many Disney fans — although they can cost as much as $6,000, making them prohibitively expensive for many brides — and Disney already made some updates last year by endeavoring to make the whole collection of dresses available in more sizes as well as a bit cheaper.

Disney had also expanded the collection to include more dresses than ever before, but now it looks like Disney is about to one-up itself again! Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings has just taken the opportunity to share (while also announcing its annual Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings Fashion Show, which will air on TikTok and Youtube Friday, February 10th at 10 a.m. EST) some glimpses of the new versions of Disney princess dresses that are joining the lineup.

Disney shared some preliminary “sketch designs of the Snow White, Pocahontas, Aurora, Belle and Ariel inspired wedding dresses” on Instagram. Take a look at these Disney princesses’ new looks in the post shown below!

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There are 21 new wedding dress gowns coming this time, and we can see that the Disney princesses who have had to contend with the biggest changes are Ariel, Aurora, and Belle! Snow White is sporting her usual old-school ballgown, and Pocahontas is showing off the same leaf-inspired detailing that we have seen in her previous styles.

Aurora’s dress is heading more toward the extravagant style than some of the more simple gowns that were previously offered, and Ariel’s dress has also headed further away from her usual — you guessed it — “mermaid-style” in favor of a fit and flare that features a train (which is not a sensible choice for a beach wedding)!

As for Belle, the Disney princess who usually wears the most extravagant dresses (despite being from a “quiet village”) is now wearing the most pared-back dress by far. Since minimalism is on its way out and ornate wedding dresses are expected to reign supreme for the next few years, this is certainly a surprising decision!

Some fans of Disney weddings or Disney princess wedding dresses were impressed with the new collection, and at least one fan actually mentioned that they had found the previous wedding gown collections to be lackluster. “Not gonna lie… looking at these sketches, this new collection seems really promising,” the wedding enthusiast wrote. “The gowns are easier to tell apart and more evocative of the characters, which is a great improvement over previous years. It also seems that there’s more variety in materials and silhouettes used”.

“Either the designers finally stepped their game up or you changed companies to work with,” they added. “If improvements continue in the years ahead, we can finally say goodbye to those bland boring gowns once and for all.”

If you like this update to the Disney princesses’ wedding dress styles, then you’ll definitely want to keep an eye on the fashion show that’s airing next Friday!

disney wedding dress contest

This one-of-a-kind wedding dress was the prize in a 2022 contest celebrating Disney World’s 50th anniversary. Credit: @GMA

Last year, there was actually a Good Morning America contestant that involved winning one particularly amazing (and literally one-of-a-kind) wedding gown inspired by the Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary — so perhaps this year, there will be a similar wedding dress contest for the Disney100 anniversary taking place in Disneyland Resort across the country!

Do you like the changes that Disney has been making to the Disney princesses’ appearances, or would you rather they stayed with the same styles that they’ve always sported?

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