Competitor Cruise Line Beats Disney (Chapek) Into the Metaverse

Celebrity Metaverse

Well, it appears that Bob Chapek’s dreams of a vacation-based metaverse are coming to fruition. The only problem is that it is not being done by Disney.

Disney Cruise Line competitor Celebrity Cruises has taken the first steps into the metaverse by making their newest ship, the Celebrity Beyond, available to experience virtually through the metaverse. Offering aspects of the onboard experience like sitting at the Sunset bar and talking to Captain Kate as well as the chance to explore several of their destinations like Mt. Fuji, They call the Celebrity metaverse the Celebrity Wonderverse.

Check it out:

Celebrity explained,

“Join us at the forefront of innovation as we sail further into the metaverse on its first virtual cruise ship. Connect with guests from around the world, tour onboard venues, meet the Celebrity Cruises team, and experience the inspiring destinations we journey to.”

Celebrity Wonderverse

Credit: Celebrity Cruises

Before Chapek was unceremoniously fired from his job as Disney CEO, he talked about using Disney+ to create a metaverse-style approach to the Disney Parks, teasing the idea of Guests being able to access Disneyland and Disney World Theme Parks virtually.

Chapek had previously spoken of his Metaverse plans, saying,

“We wish every person would have the opportunity to come to our parks, but we realize that’s not a reality for some people. In order to reach the 90% of people that will never ever be able to get to a Disney park, we have before us an opportunity to turn what was a movie-service platform to an experiential platform and give them the ability to ride Haunted Mansion from a virtual standpoint. The utility isn’t just to have the same experience. Maybe we’ll give them the opportunity what every single person in the park wants to do, and unfortunately too many of them do it, just to get off the attraction. See how it works, see how those ghost dancers move…We want to give people the ability to experience digitally, something that’s akin to a physical experience that they necessarily can’t be at that place in that time.”

Bob Chapek

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While Disney’s plans have not been realized, perhaps Celebrity’s new interactive experience will give us a glimpse into what we can expect from a Disney Park visit in the Metaverse.

We at Disney Fanatic will continue to update our readers on Disney news and stories as more developments come to light.

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