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Disney Wedding? No! Disney WEDDINGS! – Couple Faces Harassment After Multiple Ceremonies

An animated scene depicts Mickey Mouse taking a photograph of Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen, who are dressed in wedding attire, in front of a fairytale castle with blue and pink spires. The setting is vibrant, resembling a magical theme park, perfect for Disney adults celebrating their wedding.
Credit: Disney Fanatic

Disney fans may always find themselves at odds, disagreeing about every little thing. But one thing is universally accepted among the Disney community: a Disney wedding costs an arm and a leg.

The Walt Disney Company holds a ridiculously large number of fans and critics. Many adults adore theme parks and everything about them. However, others loathe the vacation destinations and believe these “Disney adults” are ruining the experience for everyone.

Notably, this hasn’t stopped many from embracing their passions. In fact, one such couple has really taken the cake for the “most committed Disney adults” via their extravagant and numerous weddings at the Parks.

a couple in the signature magic kingdom coach with white horses and coachmen in front of cinderella castle at disney world

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A Disney Wedding and Its Many Sequels

Shellie and her husband have embarked on an impressive Disney-themed journey, to say the least. Their story, which an interview on NBC News has detailed, consists of one large Disney wedding and additional vow renewals, all taking place on Park property. It truly shows the dedication of Disney enthusiasts to an extreme.

Since their initial wedding at Disneyland Resort in 2016, this couple has marked their love for each other and Disney with not just one but three extravagant vow renewal parties. Moreover, they’re already considering and planning two more in the future, making their devotion to Disney a central theme in their lives.

Disney wedding addict

Credit: Jenna Henderson/White Rabbit Photo Boutique, Instagram

However, as enchanting as these celebrations may be, they don’t come cheaply. Disney weddings are known for their exorbitant costs, and Shellie and her husband are no strangers to these expenses. NBC states these weddings can start at $15,000, and the costs quickly snowball.

For instance, hosting a reception inside a Disney Park can easily begin at a staggering $45,000. The couple’s willingness to embrace these high costs, including renting out popular attractions for their guests, is the perfect example of Disney Adults’ devotion.

Shellie’s love for Disney is evident through her social media presence. Her Instagram account, created in 2019, documents her vow renewals with photos and captions surrounding each event. She told NBC News that she meticulously budgets around these Disney wedding events. This has caused her to live frugally in between these plans.

A joyful couple holding hands at Disney World, smiling broadly, with cartoon images of Mickey and Minnie Mouse dressed as a groom and bride added to the left side of the photo.

Credit: Disney Fanatic

The Critics Against Disney Adults

While Shellie’s enthusiasm is shared by many adults who adore Disney, the rise of “Disney adults” has also drawn criticism. Detractors argue that the parks, originally designed with families and children in mind, are gradually being dominated by adults.

This shift, they say, contributes to rising admission prices, potentially excluding lower-income families and extending wait times for popular attractions. They also label this demographic as insufferable.

princess ariel and prince eric wedding

Credit: Disney

However, Shellie is no stranger to these critics. As a testament to her resilience, she has confronted harassment in the past due to her passion. In her interview for NBC News, she opted to withhold her last name for fear of more negativity pushed in her direction.

Ultimately, the allure of Disney attracts people from all walks of life. Age has never stopped anyone from enjoying the parks in their own special way. The words of Walt Disney himself echo: “To all who come to this happy place, welcome.” Whether seen as enthusiasts or critics’ targets, the devotion of individuals like Shellie and her husband is not going anywhere soon. Furthermore, many argue that it has no reason to stop.

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