DeSantis Affectionately Labeled “Robot Made With Spare Parts From Disney’s Hall of Presidents”

DeSantis is awkward
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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is an interesting person to break down. The Republican politician has found extreme success and popularity within the state of Florida. He has definitely presented himself as a tough guy when discussing his fight with the Walt Disney Company. However, many wondered how he would fare once tested nationally. DeSantis has since been campaigning to be the next Republican nominee for president in 2024, and some critics across the country have connected with him via his awkwardness.

Disney Board DeSantis lawsuit

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A Cyborg DeSantis Is in Us All

The Washington Post released an article recently detailing voters’ opinions of Governor Ron DeSantis. A popular opinion among those interviewed is that the governor resembled a “robot put together from scrapped spare parts from Disney’s The Hall of Presidents.” However, this wasn’t a negative for them. In fact, many people found themselves relating to his awkward social skills.

Some of those interviewed even labeled anti-charismatic behavior as pulling “a DeSantis.” When recalling interviews about his feud with Disney, it is quite a humorous change from the label given to the Florida governor’s demeanor. People say he sounds extremely confident and gives off the image of a fighter. However, this is not the case for some when actually meeting him in person. One responder even stated, “Now he’s like a sad puppy, and it’s surprising that he actually feels relatable to me.”

While many are finding themselves within the governor, some stress that he should own his awkward social skills instead of pretending they are not a thing. Leaning into “the cringe” can make a person more likable, confident, and trustworthy, according to research mentioned in the Washington Post article.

DeSantis welcomes Disney's surrender

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Desantis Is Awkward, but the Disney Link Is Hysterical

Relating Ron DeSantis to an animatronic from a famous Disney World attraction is actually too hilarious not to bring up. While it doesn’t necessarily offer a positive image, the fact remains that DeSantis COULD one day actually be among the animatronics at the Florida theme park. In fact, one could argue that DeSantis’ main goal is to become a robot at Disney’s Hall of Presidents.

Disney and the governor have been embroiled in a legal battle for over a year now. It is true DeSantis was actually married at Disney World. However, he has tried to distance himself from the popular tourist destination in his state and fuel a narrative that it is not akin to his values. With his eyes set on the White House, it is not entirely out of the question that a real robot version of himself could forever be engrained at Disney World in the future. Oh, the endless possibilities!

Ron DeSantis and Mickey Mouse

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Disney and DeSantis Fued

The ongoing clash between Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida and the Walt Disney Company has become a focal point of widespread attention, fueling extensive discourse and garnering substantial media coverage. The origins of this feud can be traced back to DeSantis’ critique of former Disney CEO Bob Chapek’s stance against the “Don’t Say Gay” legislation. However, this initial point of contention has snowballed into a sequence of dramatic actions, including overhauling the Reedy Creek Improvement District board. In a strategic move, DeSantis orchestrated the appointment of his handpicked individuals to replace the previous board members.

As the situation stands today, the conflict has reached a boiling point, resulting in legal battles marked by lawsuits and counterclaims filed by both parties. DeSantis has claimed he wants to move on and pushed for Disney to end the lawsuit, but no one has backed down yet. Perhaps he should instead appeal to the awkwardness within Disney. It could just tap some common ground.

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