Outlet Mocks Legal Battle Between DeSantis and Disney, Raises Question If Its Gone Too Far

Disney/DeSantis feud possible endings

It’s been many long months of the back and forth between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, and every time we think the matter has been resolved, somehow, the dust gets kicked back up again. To understand where we find ourselves today, we have to go back to the “Don’t Say Gay” debacle that overtook the media when it was announced.

Fantasyland Magic Kingdom

Fantasyland, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis first announced the Parental Rights in Education Act, the Walt Disney Company initially stayed quiet about the move—a silence many criticized. In fact, current Disney CEO Bob Iger (who had retired back then and was brought out of retirement to replace the controversial Bob Chapek) even spoke out about it before Disney said anything.

Eventually, now-former Disney CEO Bob Chapek did speak out about and oppose the move. In apparent “retaliation,” the Florida Governor spoke out against Disney involving itself in political matters and also began the process of stripping Walt Disney World of its special status afforded to it as Reedy Creek.

Disney DeSantis Reedy Creek

Fast forward to months of a back and forth between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Governor DeSantis, with much coming to light, including current Disney CEO Bob Iger expressing that he regrets Disney’s involvement in politics but that they have to do the right thing when it comes to “Don’t Say Gay” and Gov. Ron DeSantis revealing in his book that former CEO Mr. Chapek expressed he felt pressured to speak on the bill.

Last month, Ron DeSantis officially signed the bill solidifying the Reedy Creek takeover, along with a specially appointed board to oversee Walt Disney World Resort; many wondered what the future would bring for Disney.

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However, in a surprising turn of events, Disney outsmarted the Florida governor with a loophole in the agreement signed—a move that has not gone down well. While many are delighted at the turn of events and have applauded Disney’s lawyer’s ingenuity, the board is understandably unhappy at these developments.

But this truly begs the question, has this all indeed gone on too long? This fight between Disney and DeSantis has been going on for a time enough now that a satirical outlet has mocked the situation, sharing that “Disney Punches Back At Ron DeSantis By Changing Height Requirements For All Rides To 6 Feet.”

Beacons of Magic, Tree of Life, Disney's Animal Kingdom

Beacons of Magic, Tree of Life, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Courtesy of Disney

While the article is certainly humorous, it highlights the fact that perhaps its time for both parties to put this situation behind them and move forward to a beneficial and symbiotic relationship, considering how much the state of Florida benefits from Disney’s presence, and how Disney has to, in fact, exist within the state and its rules.

But while we hope for an end to this long drawn-out battle, all that appears is that there are new developments every day.

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