Bob Iger Speaks on “Don’t Say Gay” During Town Hall

Documentary seeks to bring down Disney's wokeness

Current Disney CEO Bob Iger took to the stage at the town hall meeting he’d called last week for Disney employees and Cast Members. He addressed the controversial subject of his stance on Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, also known as the “Don’t’ Say Gay” bill.

The news of former Disney CEO Bob Chapek being ousted from his position and his predecessor Bob Iger coming back in to take up the mantle once again swept the Disney community and broke the internet last weekend when it was announced. In just a week, the Disney leadership team has seen reorganization, and Iger’s return even resulted in Disney’s stock seeing a rise.

Bob Iger

Bob Iger/Disney

Iger called for a town hall meeting at the end of last week. He invited Cast Members and Disney employees to attend, either in person or via webinar, and said he would answer questions regarding the future of the Walt Disney Company. This meeting happened just this morning and Iger addressed a variety of topics.

One employee asked Iger what his stance on Disney’s controversy with the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, formally called “Parental Rights in Education,” was.

bob iger at town hall

Bob Iger at the Town Hall

Iger said,

“What is our stance on the “Don’t Say Gay” situation?

Our LBGTQ employees are important to us, that is a given. This company has been telling stories for years, and they’ve had a positive impact on the world. One of our core values is inclusion, and tolerance. I think about Black Panther and Coco. We change the world for the good, and that must continue.”

Iger went on to say that the situation was “delicate” and that it was necessary to “listen to the audience, have respect for those you serve and no disdain.” Iger acknowledged that while the Company couldn’t make people happy all the time, it was important to “not lessen [their] values to make everyone happy all the time.”

Bob Iger CEO Return Statement

Bob Iger and Mickey Mouse/Disney

Iger concluded by saying,

“It’s a balance. We do what we think is right. Not everybody will agree with you, that’s not the way the world works nowadays—but we have to try to do the right thing.”

Iger’s words were reportedly met with great applause from the attending Cast Members and employees.

Disney’s controversy with this bill has been long noted, with Florida governor Ron DeSantis putting his foot down concerning the Company’s stance on it. Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was initially quiet and eventually spoke out in support of the LGBTQ+ community.

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