DeSantis’ District Board Set to Overrule Disney Deals

Disney District Fight
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On Wednesday, April 26, the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District (CFTOD) Board of Supervisors will meet to nullify all of the eleventh-hour plans set by The Walt Disney Company and its now-terminated Reedy Creek Improvement District Board.

Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

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Appointed by Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the new supervising board of the Central Florida district, which houses the Walt Disney World Resort, was created to make decisions within the district that were in the best interest of Florida residents rather than just a California-based company.

But before the new board took power, Disney’s puppet government met for one last time, during which time exaggerated and unprecedented covenants were made to essentially give Disney free rein on the development of certain areas within certain parameters for the next few decades.

While the meeting was held and publically announced in February, it did not become an issue until weeks later when it was perceived as a blow against Governor DeSantis and State’s attempt to seize control over the land area.

Disney’s Final Reedy Creek Deals in Jeopardy

Central Florida Tourism Oversight District

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The governor immediately called for an investigation into the meeting seeking to find any evidence to suggest these deals were made to intentionally undermine the new laws. But that investigation came up empty. 

Now, according to WESH 2, it seems that the new board of supervisors will convene “to vote on declaring a set of arrangements Disney made with Reedy Creek earlier this year are invalid and void.” Their justification comes from their lawyers, who claim that “Reedy Creek did not send out required notices by mail to all landowners who would be affected by the plan before holding a public hearing and voting on it.”

The Walt Disney Company owns almost all of the land within the District boundaries. However, there are still other owners who will arguably be affected. They also argue that Reedy Creek’s decision to transfer government powers to a private company is illegal.

Walt Disney World Entrance Sign

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The legal argument continues, saying that Reedy Creek did not have the authority to automatically dictate the planning decisions within the limits of the special district’s two cities, Bay Lake and Lake Buena Vista. The latter is where the Board of Supervisors is currently holding the public meeting, which includes business owners that make up Disney Springs bringing forward their concerns about the legislative changes.

The vote is expected to commence this morning, and CFTOD lawyers stand ready to pursue any legal challenges if necessary.

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