DeSantis ‘Welcomes Disney’s Surrender’

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The legal wrangling has just started in the Walt Disney Company’s case against Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, but one side is already declaring victory. In a court filing this week, lawyers representing the Florida governor said that DeSantis “welcomes Disney’s surrender.” Despite the bluster, it does not appear that surrender is imminent.

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DeSantis’ attorneys had previously pushed for U.S. District Judge Allan Winsor to dismiss Disney’s case against the governor, claiming that he had “legislative immunity,” they once again made that claim in this filing. Disney countered that argument by saying that DeSantis acted out of “a desire to punish.”

In this latest filing, DeSantis and his attorneys again ask the Federal Court to dismiss all cases against him and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight District. DeSantis also claims that all of the accusations against him made by Disney are “legislative in nature” and therefore fall under his “absolute legislative immunity.”

In the filing, DeSantis’ lawyers say that Disney has conceded that DeSantis cannot be punished for legislation and is only going after his “executive actions.” They also call the lawsuit brought by Disney a “glorified press release.”

Disney Ignores DeSantis Board new ruling

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The Central Florida Tourism Oversight District has also filed a brief with Judge Winsor seeking to dismiss the lawsuits brought against them by the Walt Disney Company.

These filings come on the heels of two high-profile groups filing briefs on behalf of Disney. The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press filed a brief two weeks ago claiming that if Florida Gov Ron DeSantis can retaliate against Disney for exercising its First Amendment right, there is no telling what other elected officials might do next.

The second brief came from ex-Republican lawmakers who called DeSantis’ actions “corrosive to Democracy” and “damaging to the social and political fabric of Florida.”

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The new Board, hand-picked by Governor DeSantis, has exerted control over  Walt Disney World. It recently banned all diversity, equity, and inclusion programs in the District and race-based hiring. It also cut $8 million from the police budget. That money was moved to legal fees to combat Disney’s lawsuit.

Disney claims that Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature have created a targeted campaign against them for voicing its opposition to the Parental Rights in education act, known by its critics as the “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Judge Winsor has not set a date for his decision.

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