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“Desperate for Business”: Critics Slam Disney

Cinderella Castle, Bob Iger,
All Images Credit: Disney

After a controversial few months with many surprises from the Mouse House, critics of the company have called them “desperate for business.”

The Walt Disney World Resort is known as the “Most Magical Place on Earth” for good reason. With myriad attractions like Haunted Mansion and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad in Magic Kingdom Park and lands like Pandora in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, there’s a lot on offer for Guests to enjoy and take in.

"Partners" statue in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort

“Partners” statue in front of Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Disney in Trouble

However, things haven’t been smooth sailing for our favorite mouse off late. Last year, in November, former Disney CEO Bob Chapek was ousted from his position, and his predecessor and now successor, Disney CEO Bob Iger, returned to take the mantle. At the time, Disney was on the receiving end of much backlash and criticism from multiple sides, be that fans and the community or shareholders.

Bob Iger’s task was to set right the mess that Disney found itself embroiled in, and for the last few months, he’s been doing just that, whether by looking to cut costs by $5.5 billion through changing their content production strategy and significant 7000-person layoffs, or by selling off one-third of Disney.

Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek, current Disney CEO Bob Iger

Former Disney CEO Bob Chapek and current Disney CEO Bob Iger / Credit: ABC

Critics Slam Disney, Call It “Desperate for Business”

Along with the measures above, Disney has also announced various discounts at the theme parks, presumably a response to the rising complaint of price increases across the board at both the Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort.

At the same time, in the entertainment sector, they have also been pushing for diversity and inclusivity, ensuring their films check the boxes the company deems important. It’s important to note that even with their diversity push, they have been facing backlash from all sides, being labeled as “woke” by some and being called out for “virtue signaling” by others.

However, one outlet recently bashed Disney, specifically calling out its theme park business, saying the company was “desperate.”

Tusker House Animal Kingdom

Tusker House, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park / Credit: Disney

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In a recent Op-Ed for The Washington Examiner, Nicole Russell mentioned the lowered attendance numbers for Disney specifically around the 4th of July weekend. She noted, “No one seems to know exactly why Disney is struggling to maintain high levels of foot traffic.” 

Russell also said that while many have thrown around reasons like high temperatures and varied post-pandemic holiday destinations, it’s more likely that “Some families could have looked at DeSantis’s Disney war and decided not to spend their hard-earned money at a place that doesn’t match their values.” 

Spaceship Earth Narrator

Spaceship Earth, EPCOT, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

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Adding to this, Russell also highlights the cost of a Disney vacation and concludes, “Lack of funds to take [a] vacation and Disney’s prolonged woke agenda could have turned away eager families who just want to have some good old-fashioned fun.” 

While this is an opinion piece, it’s worth noting that Russell’s views are ones that many fans have expressed off-late, though Bob Iger maintains that the Disney Parks are a good product and they are not facing issues with their business in that vein.

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