Did You Spot the Pizza Planet Truck and Other Pixar Easter Eggs in ‘Turning Red’?

Turning Red Easter Eggs
Credit: Pixar

Disney and Pixar Animation Studios films are always giving fans opportunities to spot the iconic Pizza Planet truck from Toy Story along with other fun Easter eggs, and Turning Red (2022), the animation studios’ latest film is loaded with them! In case you missed it during your first viewing (or if you want to compare answers and see if you caught everything) here are the Easter eggs hidden in Disney and Pixar’s Turning Red.

Pizza Planet Truck

Turning Red, Pizza Planet Truck

Credit: Disney

The Pizza Planet truck is a favorite Pixar Easter egg, and it makes its appearance quickly at one of the most important moments in the film. The truck can be spotted parked on the side of the street as Mei Lee runs through downtown after deciding to embrace her panda. While the truck goes by quick, it was interesting to see this Easter egg show up during one of the film‘s most memorable scenes.

References to Bao (2018)

Turning Red Bao Reference

Credit: Disney

Turning Red director Domee Shi also directed Bao, the Academy Award-winning Pixar short film that preceded The Incredibles 2 (2018) during its theatrical release. Much like Turning Red, the characters in Bao are made up of a mother and her child and the two have a relationship where the mother comes across as overprotective and afraid to let go of some of the control as her little one grows up.

In addition to the sign pictured above in the background of one of the scenes when Mei boards the bus, Turning Red features the very literal reference of Mei’s mother Ming, having bao on hand to give to her daughter as a sign of how much she cares for her.

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Pixar/Luxo Ball

Turning Red Easter Eggs

Credit: Disney

The iconic “Pixar ball,” known for its appearance in Toy Story (but original to Pixar’s Luxo Jr. short) makes a brief appearance in Turning Red. It is difficult to catch at first glance, but pay close attention to the pool when Mei and her friends are at Tyler’s birthday party and you might spot it after Mei let’s out her inner red panda.

Pixar SparkShorts References

Turning Red, Purl

Credit: Disney

If you haven’t watched Pixar’s SparkShorts on Disney+ yet, you should add them to your list! A couple of references from some of these shorts can be found in Turning Red. Fans were quick to point out the pink ball of yarn, aka Purl, hanging from Mei’s desk in her bedroom, but there is a nod to another SparkShort in the scenes in Mei’s bedroom, too. The bunny seen in sticker form on the back of Mei’s notebook is the bunny from the SparkShort Burrow.

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Credit: Disney

Much like the Pizza Planet truck, some reference to A113 can be found in nearly every Pixar film. A113 refers to the room many Pixar animators attended classes and worked on their skills as artists while attending the California Institute of the Arts. It appears twice in Turning Red, and both times are very easy to miss, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled!

The first time viewers watching this Pixar movie can spot A113 is on the ticket stub to the 4*Town concert, where it is listed as one of the seat numbers. If you missed the ticket in the movie, you can get a closer look at it during the film‘s credits. After the concert when Mei’s family is at the SkyDome to perform the ritual, her father uses a chalker to draw the circle, and while it’s very quick, you might notice that the chalker is labeled as “model A113”.

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Credit: Disney

One of the most exciting Easter eggs fans have spotted in Turning Red references a new Disney and Pixar film! Watch closely as Meilin and her friends walk home from school and check out the stickers on Miriam’s skateboard. A couple are references to Pixar’s next film release, Lightyear, which as its name suggests, tells the story of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story (and stars Chris Evans!)

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