Glitch Disables Magic Key Renewals

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Anticipation has been high in the Disney fanatic community for the renewal of Magic Keys (especially since new Disneyland Magic Key purchases are still off the table, so anyone trying to buy a new Magic Key is out of luck). Now that the virtual queue for Magic Keys is up and running, unfortunately, an error on the Disneyland website is currently making it hard for people to renew their Magic Key Passes!

According to journalist Scott Gustin, “the Disneyland payment system is not accepting Disney gift cards as payment for renewal. Disneyland has acknowledged the issue and says they are working on it.” So if you are trying to renew your Magic Key Pass with a Disney gift card, you might find an error message popping up until Disneyland has rectified the situation.

This is not the first time that a glitch or error has happened involving Disney’s website and Magic Key Pass purchases — although the most recent error involved Walt Disney World Resort Annual Passes for Annual Passholders, not Disneyland Resort Magic Keys.

Earlier this summer, the Walt Disney World Resort accidentally made Annual Passes available for purchase; the error was quickly fixed, but since Annual Passes have been unavailable for so long to Annual Passholders or anyone hoping to become an Annual Passholder, current Annual Passholders (who are often also Florida residents) were extremely excited about the news and extremely disappointed shortly afterward to learn that a Disney World Annual Pass was not actually ‘back in stock’.

Disneyland Magic Key Pass

Disneyland Magic Key Passes include the Enchant Key, Believe Key, Imagine Key, and Dream Key. Walt Disney World Resort has something similar, called Annual Passes, on offer for its Guests. Annual Passholders who possess a Disney World Annual Pass are often Florida residents. Credit: Disney

Disneyland will most likely have this Magic Key purchase glitch fixed quickly, since the error was first brought to light last night, but many Disneyland Guests and Magic Keyholders are probably anxious to renew their Magic Keys as soon as possible!

Are you a frequent Disneyland Resort visitor who is also a current Magic Keyholder? If so, which Magic Key do you have — and are you experiencing an error when you try to renew your Magic Key with a Disney gift card, or have you been able to renew your Magic Key without any issues?

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