Disney Approves Yet Another Live-Action Remake, Despite Fans’ Complaints

toulouse berlioz and marie from aristocats
Credit: Disney

If the negative responses to live-action remakes like the new Little Mermaid and Peter Pan and Wendy movies (not to mention the backlash after the Emma Watson Beauty and the Beast movie) are any indication, it seems like Disney audiences are sick and tired of seeing the same story play out onscreen in two different formats.

Now we have learned that Disney is, indeed, set on carrying on with more and more live-action remakes of its classic animated movies — and this time, the movie that is officially getting the remake treatment is The Aristocats, one of the last movies that Roy Disney was a part of!


Credit: Disney

The Aristocats is a movie from 1970 about a group of cats: Thomas O’Malley (played by Disney darling Phil Harris), Duchess (voiced by Hungarian actress Eva Gabor), and three kittens (Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz).

In the movie, Duchess and her kittens must escape a villainous butler named Edgar after he discovers that their wealthy owner has left her wealth to the cats in her will.

Even though this movie might not have been quite as popular as some other Disney animated movies or Disney princess movies, it is still a fan favorite among some Disney Adults if the fanfare around the recent appearance of Toulouse, Marie, and Berlioz is anything to go by!

The new live-action version of the movie is not necessarily the main factor irritating Disney fans; instead, it is the general fact that Disney has been churning out so many remakes of its films instead of creating new content.

With movies like this one and the previous Lady and the Tramp remake, where CGI will be involved in portraying the animals, there is also some concern that the final product will be visually off-putting or strange.

A live-action movie like Aladdin, with a cast that’s almost entirely humanoid, certainly faces less of a risk in that department!


Credit: Disney

We had already heard a rumor about an Aristocats remake earlier this year, but now Deadline has confirmed that the Disney movie is happening — and that an Oscar-winning director is taking the reins!

According to Deadline, the director named Ahmir Thompson (who goes by “Questlove”) “has found his feature film directing debut as sources tell Deadline he will helm a live-action/hybrid reimaging of The Aristocats for Walt Disney Studios. Thompson also is executive producing and overseeing music for the film, whose script is by Will Gluck and Keith Bunin. ”

Do you like the idea of an Aristocats remake? If not, which bothers you more: Disney’s focus on redoing its old projects, or the prospect of some CGI Aristocats characters alongside human actors?

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