Disney Cast Member Escapes Attempted Kidnapping at EPCOT

Attempted Cast Member Kidnapping EPCOT
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Walt Disney World Resort is known as The Most Magical Place on Earth. It is a place where princesses are real, fireworks light up the night sky, and dreams come true. At least that’s what we want to believe. And while Disney World truly is unlike anything else, it is still a part of the real world. Bad things can happen, and guests must remain vigilant to keep themselves and others safe.

Fort Wilderness Disney World

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No one works harder to keep the Disney magic alive than the cast members. Cast members keep the parks clean, cook the amazing food, perform in the parades, and give guests memorable experiences. Cast members have an incredibly hard job, and it’s up to guests to help make their jobs easier.

Unfortunately, one interaction a cast member recently had with a guest had her fearing for her life.

“It’s OK. Just come to me, princess.”

According to a newly released report from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, a female cast member working at EPCOT claimed that a man tried to kidnap her while she was on the job. The cast member claimed that the incident happened on the evening of July 3 — and the man has not been caught.

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The report — which has been redacted — said that the incident happened at the end of the cast member’s shift. The cast member — whose name was hidden — said that she was in the cast member parking lot.

“As (the woman) made her way towards an area of the parking lot that is separated by a drainage ditch, she observed a white/hispanic male lean out the driver’s side window of his car. The white/hispanic male then grabbed around her waist with both of his arms and pulled her towards his driver’s side window. She began to scream loudly, she elbowed the white hispanic male in the head until he let go of her then she ran away.”

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The man also reportedly said, “It’s okay. Just come to me, princess.”

The woman ran to her car and the man sped away as she screamed. The cast member said that she called her mother and her mother told her to report what happened. The cast member spoke to Disney security, who then called the police, so she could make a formal report. She described the man as being bald and in his 40s or 50s. He was driving a dark car, but she did not see the license plate.

EPCOT's continual evolution

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Regrettably, the police have been unable to track down the suspect. The report states:

“At this time, I am unable to locate or identify a suspect. According to (the woman), a white/hispanic male did knowingly and intentionally grab around her waist, without her permission, and forcibly attempted to pull her into his vehicle. This case is pending further investigative leads.”

Disney typically has cameras everywhere, but we do not know if there are cameras in the cast parking lot, and, if there are, where they were pointing at the time of the incident.

Police are still on the hunt for the suspect. The cast member has said that should they catch the man, she will be pressing charges.

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