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Justice Demanded After Disney Karen Gets Cast Member Fired

Disney cast member fired
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We recently reported on an incident at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida involving heated footage between a Magic Kingdom cast member and a family of guests. A family member recorded the film, obviously intending to make the cast member look bad while also wanting to get her fired. It has been reported that her efforts worked, and the internet is not letting these entitled Disney guests get away with it.

Disney expecting declining crowds next year

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Heated Argument Between Cast Member and Guests

A TikTok user uploaded the initial video, saying she wanted help to find this “disrespectful” Magic Kingdom cast member. The footage purposefully started well into the exchange, instantly making viewers cautious about the family’s story. The employee, who has been identified through multiple outlets as Korinn, was visibly upset with them while trying to sell merchandise from her cart. She demanded they go to another cart with a strong and angry tone.

However, you could hear that a male family member was being just as disrespectful back to her. He threatened to smash the items in her cart, and the employee sarcastically tried to instigate him into doing it. She obviously wanted to get out of the situation but was also not afraid to voice her anger at these guests. Most people have taken her side since the footage went viral.

You can see the initial confrontation in TikTok user Iammarcxs’s commentary below. He doesn’t mince words about how he feels about the confrontation. He stresses that the family was disgusting and should be ashamed of themselves for getting her fired and talking down to her.


@Esme lol imma still state my opinion, weather you like it or not. How you and that man acted at Disney was disgusting anf yall outta be ASHAMED of yourself, AND yall had kids with yall. Grow up. And tell that man to do the same. #customerserserviceworkers #disney #karen

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Former cast members and other commenters have also called out the TikTok user for her upload. This “Disney Karen” has since made her account private and tried to justify her family’s actions. However, the internet hasn’t bought into it. Reports have surfaced that Korinn was actually a Disney College Program cast member and was instantly terminated by the theme park after the footage made waves. It has also been stated that the fired employee had to leave her living situation within 24 hours after being let go.

The fight allegedly started and got to this point because the family disrespected the cast member first. Plenty of posts state that they used slurs and talked down to her. People are now calling for justice for Korinn.

Walt Disney World Railroad

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People Call Out Family for Getting Disney Cast Member Fired

While most people agree that the situation could have been handled better on both sides, they ultimately think it takes a special kind of disrespect to provoke a Disney cast member to respond like this. Apparently, it is also way too common. It also paints a bad picture when the recording starts well into an argument with the intent to sway.

TikToker Willaboy is a former theme park employee. He stresses that in only a single day in the shoes of a theme park employee, you will see how ugly humanity can be to others. He says the family should have gone to another cart instead of instigating and acting entitled.


#greenscreenvideo theme parks shows the uglyness of humanity #fyp #orlandofl #themeparkemployee #disneyworld #universalstudiosorlando #seaworld #buschgardens #karensgonnakaren

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Another user called out the family for purposefully getting the cast member fired. He stressed that they obviously knew they were in the wrong for disrespecting the cast member, and that is the only reason they tried to defend themselves.

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#greenscreenvideo OF COURSE I CANT TAG HER. Srosa.XX is her handle and she should be ashamed. We dont want your side of the story because we already know it. The internet is forever and Karma is real #fypシ゚viral #fyp #fypシ #korinn #justice #castmember #racism #disney #srosaxx

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Hundreds of these TikTok responses defending the cast member can be found online. There is hardly any on Disney Karen’s side. Many find it sick that someone would purposefully film her without her consent and post it with the intention of wrecking her life.

Disney has every right to protect itself and respond to such incidents. However, the company should do better to listen to its employees. The situation may have been heated, but it is also not a good look if they fired her without all the facts.

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