Disney Guests Film Fight With “Disrespectful” Cast Member, Internet Calls Them Out Instead

Disney cast member altercation
Credit: Disney

There are two sides to every story. While viral videos of altercations often sway certain people in a specific direction, many viewers can often recognize subtle details that paint a much different story. The beginning of a video is not necessarily the start of an encounter. Recently viral footage of a Disney guest seeking to find a “disrespectful Disney employee” turned out way different than the uploader anticipated. Let’s take a look at this Disney cast member altercation, and you can be the judge.

guests speak out against disney reservation system

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Disney Cast Member Altercation With Guests

The video in question featured a cast member at Magic Kingdom in Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort raising her voice and defending herself amid an argument with a family. She was selling merchandise with a cart on Main Street, U.S.A. The footage was uploaded to TikTok by a family member as the heated battle of words showcased the Disney employee as out of line.

The TikTok user obviously wanted the cast member to get fired or reprimanded for the incident and sought help from the internet to find her. You can see the altercation in the video below. However, the story gets much more interesting after viewing it.


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Internet Comes to Cast Member’s Defense

The masses online had a completely different reaction than the uploader was expecting. The disgruntled guest quickly made her account and video private after responses overwhelmingly supported the cast member and her reaction. Hints in the footage revealed that the fight was probably not one-sided and could have been instigated by the poor attitude and behavior of the family.

The cast member sternly but respectfully told the guests to go to another cart, to which the guest responded by telling her to watch her attitude. However, she was obviously upset and throwing her anger back at them. People viewing the footage pointed out that the family was being increasingly disrespectful, and the cast member’s response was warranted. The guest repeatedly told her he would “smash everything in her cart.”

“The disrespect people show cast members is insane! But they don’t show that part,” one person responded. Others cried out for the employee to get a raise as she may have been ruffled, but she mostly kept her cool to the best of her ability. Some pointed out that they would not have been able to remain as calm as she did.

Disney World not as empty as reports say

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Former Cast Member’s Response

One former cast member took it upon herself to release a TikTok video breaking down how common it was for guests to disrespect Disney cast members. She stressed that this reaction doesn’t happen without some sort of reason.

So I came across this TikTok of a video of a cast member who was obviously very very much upset at a situation that occurred prior to the start of this video. And I’m sure that the individual who decided they were going to post this thought we were going to be on her side for some very odd reason. I don’t know the full story, but I would like to know the full story. I would love to hear from this lovely cast member right here who decided she was going to stand up for herself.

But all I have to say as a former cast member is you have to be a different type of disgusting and disrespectful to get this out of somebody at Disney World. This didn’t come from no reason. This didn’t come out of nowhere. She wasn’t bad at her job. I’m feeling for this girl 100% and very much upset at the way this panned out because I know, and you guys know if you worked at Disney World, that this girl probably got terminated, reprimanded, whatever. She got some type of consequence for this and now this girl is most likely out of a job. 


Please be kind to cast members, they’re doing their best 🙂 Korinn, if youre out there… I wanna hear YOUR side of the story homegirl #disneyworld #disneyworldexperience #greenscreen #castmembers #disneycastmembers #wdw #disneyparks #disneyexperience #disneyrudeguest #dcp #dcp2021 #dcp22 #dcp23 #disneycollegeprogram

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It is unknown exactly what happened to the cast member in the footage. However, Disney World is very strict about upholding its image. This video definitely would cause some sort of consequence. Nevertheless, it is sad that only one side of the story is presented, and only one person is likely permanently affected by it. However, the internet mostly has this cast member’s back. Everyone should try to respect each other, even in escalated situations. This Disney cast member altercation is just unfortunate for everyone involved.

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