Disney Cast Members Are Literally Spraying Guests With Hoses to Battle Heat

Disney heat
Credit: Tokyo Disney

Most people have heard about the record-shattering temperatures plaguing the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida this summer. However, the intense heat is not only causing problems at the Orlando theme park location right now. Across Disney’s many global Parks and Resorts, Cast Members are trying unique and effective ways to combat the extreme summer heat.

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August Is Disney’s Hottest Month

This summer has been an absolutely wild time to visit theme parks worldwide. Hot temperatures are always expected during this season, but it has been exceptionally insane this year. Walt Disney World has seen heat indexes of 115 degrees, with temperatures consistently nearing 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Last week, the National Weather Service even placed Florida under an excessive heat warning.

While the temperatures have started returning to normal summer levels, it has been an interesting time for many places. Tokyo Disney Resort has particularly seen some intense heat as well. Temperatures have averaged about 10 degrees hotter than usual this month, and high humidity has caused Guests to feel the burn. Despite the heat, the Japanese theme park has remained a popular destination for travelers. Cast Members at Tokyo Disney Resort have been given a humorous opportunity to help Guests cool off.

Tokyo Disney Castle

Tokyo Disney Castle / Credit: D23

Stay Calm and Carry a Portable Hose

Disney has recently introduced portable mist sprayers to the Tokyo Disney Parks. Certain Cast Members have been given a portable backpack disguised as a barrel. These backpacks are full of water, and the Cast Member’s job is to go around the Park and offer overheated Guests a spray down. The theme park shared the addition on Twitter/X.

Of course, getting hosed is optional. The water pressure is a light mist and is meant to be refreshing. Guests don’t have to worry about a firehose scenario here. It is just another courtesy offered to battle the intense summer heat.

Disney portable hose

Credit: Tokyo Disney

Summer Is Too Hot at Disney World

Walt Disney World in Florida would do well to take a cue from Tokyo Disney Resort. These portable hoses are the perfect way to help keep Guests cool while standing in line or exploring the Parks. Disney World is a little stingy on options to get out of the heat. A surprise cool-down would be a welcome perk.

The Orlando location is offering water with every purchase and stressing the importance of taking breaks and staying hydrated while visiting. The high heat has caused some Guests to become irritable, and attraction queues have increased due to the conditions.

August is slowly coming to a close. These relentless temperatures will most likely become more manageable in the coming weeks. However, additional options to combat the Disney heat are always a welcome sight and a sign of Disney’s commitment to its Guests.

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