Disney World Guests Face Additional Danger Due to Extreme Heat

disney world heat advisory
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There are plenty of hazards in Walt Disney World Resort — some of them being standard theme park fare, and some of them being more bizarre or unexpected — but Disney World visitors really do have one very specific hazard to be aware of this week during their Disney vacations!

The National Weather Service in Melbourne, Florida has recently issued a Heat Advisory for Central Florida.

“This Is Serious Heat”

Central Florida meteorologist Brian Shield has issued his own warning to Florida residents and Walt Disney World Resort Guests, saying the following on X (formerly known as Twitter): “Hottest week of the year — please use caution. This is serious heat, even by Florida standards.”

It is certainly true that Florida summers are always hot, with 90 to 92 degrees Fahrenheit being a normal temperature, but this past July (which was, disturbingly, the hottest July in human history worldwide due to climate change) saw Florida temperatures exceeding 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

Heat exhaustion and heat stroke are both very real dangers in these high temperatures, especially for people on vacations who are too distracted by theme park attractions to pay attention to what their bodies are telling them!


How Can Disney Guests Protect Themselves?

According to the National Weather Service, staying hydrated, seeking out shade, embracing air conditioning, scheduling”strenuous activities” in the morning or evening, and absolutely never leaving children or animals in vehicles alone are all crucial ways to keep everyone safe during heat advisories.

“Heat stroke is an emergency! Call 911,” the National Weather Service urges.

In the statement shown below from X (formerly known as Twitter) and the Melbourne National Weather Service, it was revealed on Monday night that “the heat advisory has expired” but “it is still oppressive” and more heat advisories were expected to come.

Another heat advisory has indeed been issued for Tuesday afternoon.


Pay Attention, and Wear Your Moana-Approved Sunscreen

Heat stroke and heat exhaustion are nothing to joke about in crowded Disney Parks — especially if this Disney Guest is right about Disney sneakily turning down air conditioning systems to save money and conserve energy — so if you’re visiting the Disney World theme parks this week, keep a close eye on those around you as well as yourself!

As we all know these days, you also need to be wearing sunscreen every day regardless of whether or not you are exploring a theme park in heat-stroke-inducing temperatures — so make like this Moana star and choose reef-safe mineral sunscreens to help coral reefs bounce back (and to support a Disney Princess while you’re at it)!

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