Disney Boasts About ‘Elemental’ Success, Reveals Record-Breaking Numbers

Pixar elemental movie
Credit: Pixar

In an article entitled “How Pixar’s Elemental Kept Its Fire Burning at the Box Office,” the Walt Disney Company has just sung the praises of Pixar’s newest summertime animated film.

Some might actually think that this is not the best time to be boasting or drawing any attention to successful films, since Disney and many other film studios are being negatively affected publicity-wise by the ongoing strikes (which include some Disney stars like Rachel Zegler as well as some Marvel stars).
Walt Disney Company leader Bob Iger, the CEO, is also contending with a lot of negative press at the moment.

An Underdog Rises to the Top

However, Elemental has apparently turned things around at the box office, and that certainly is an achievement for Pixar — especially with a string of lackluster releases in the past few years, such as Turning Red from 2022!

When Pixar’s Elemental debuted in June it was more spark than fire…” Disney diplomatically admitted, skating delicately around the film’s initial failures. “But Elemental didn’t evaporate at the box office. Audiences kept showing up.”

Ember and Wade Elemental

Credit: D23

The Disney article then proceeded to highlight how Elemental (the love story about Ember, a fire element, and Wade, a water element) increased its numbers bit by bit in the weeks after its opening in theaters.

“A Rare Accomplishment”

“The film directed by Peter Sohn crossed the $400 million mark at the global box office last week,” the article says. “Of that total, it’s made $148 million domestically. That’s about five times its domestic opening weekend haul, which is a rare accomplishment in a theatrical world that sees most moviegoers buy a ticket the opening weekend.”

“In fact, it’s so rare that no Pixar movie has had a multiple that high since the one that started it all: 1995’s Toy Story,” Disney enthused.

Elemental has a 93% Rotten Tomatoes score from audiences, as well as an “A” on CinemaScore, and Disney emphasized that “it’s also been a solid choice for moviegoers of all ages during a summer in which family films have been hard to find.”

ember and wade in elemental

Leah Lewis as Ember Lumen and Mamoudou Athie as Wade Ripple in ‘Elemental’. Credit: Disney/Pixar

In addition, Elemental is apparently “the first original animated film from any studio to reach the $400 million mark since 2017,” making its slow-but-steady success all the more relevant (and what some people called “miraculous“)!

Love on an International Scale

Elemental also apparently received a big boost from “international audiences [who] have especially embraced the film.”

Tony Chambers, Disney’s EVP of Theatrical Distribution, was quoted in the Disney article and said that the film’s “global gross to date has been propelled by top performing international markets including South Korea, Mexico, France, and the UK.”

In South Korea specifically, the Pixar Animation Studios movie “has reached 6 million admissions, meaning that one out of every eight people in Korea have seen it.”

elemental disney biggest hit

Ember and Wade in ‘Elemental’. Credit: Disney

“Recently it’s been more challenging for original animated and live action IP to break through. But you can’t create a franchise without taking a swing, and no other studio has taken more swings than Disney,” Chambers finished.

Did you see Elemental yet? Do you think that Pixar is finally getting back into its groove?

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