Citing “Crisis” in Florida, Residents Warn Off Disney Fans From Moving to the Sunshine State

disney fans moving to florida
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A Disney fan asked for advice on moving to Florida to be closer to Disney World, and Florida residents were quick to give them a few warnings.

For a long time, Walt Disney World has been one of the primary tourist draws in Florida. The Disney Resort has enormously impacted Orlando and Central Florida’s economy. Despite the feud that has been going on for over a year now between the Walt Disney Company and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, Disney World continues to be a huge draw for visitors to the state.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis / Credit: Gage Skidmore, Flickr

Disney Fan Expresses a Desire to Move to Florida

One Disney fan recently expressed a desire to move to Orlando, Central Florida. The fan explained,

I know this he grass is always greener but we watch people go to the parks all the time (on YouTube) and just had the thought of why can’t that be us? What’s to stop us from moving to Florida in order to go to the parks more, dine at all our favorite restaurants, etc. 

The fan admitted that beyond the big tasks of finding a new job and a new place to live, they were unsure if moving to Orlando would be challenging. The fan then posed the question to the group, asking if anyone else had moved to Orlando to be closer to the Disney Parks.

Moana Meet and Greet Disney's Animal Kingdom

Moana Meet and Greet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Florida Residents Share a Strong Warning About Moving to Florida

While fans were very generous with their advice, they shared the reality of living in Orlando, sharing some “crises” the state was currently experiencing, and even going so far as to tell the OP not to move to Florida without a real, tangible plan.

One fan explained, “I live in the greater Orlando area. Do not move here if you’re just going to wing it. I would only move here if you have decent jobs lined up, and enough money to make a decent down payment on a house. The housing crisis at the moment is absurd.”

disney world crowds low

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Disney

Another fan jumped in with more good advice, opening with the noteworthy comment that visiting Florida was not the same as living in Florida. They said, “Come down for a week and don’t stay at Disney. Even better, don’t go to Disney at all. Check out some apartments or houses. Visit the grocery store. Just sort-of live. You might go to the parks often but you won’t live there, so you should see what that’s like first.”

A former Cast Member from Walt Disney World added their advice as well. “I was a Cast Member and moved back to my home state because I could not tolerate living in Orlando anymore. And I LOVED and adored my job as a CM. The Parks are great, but there will be more to your life in Orlando than the Parks.”

Haunted Mansion, Magic Kingdom

Haunted Mansion, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World / Credit: Disney

While often, the Disney Park experience can feel like the be-all and end-all of visiting and staying in Orlando when you’re a tourist, these Florida residents made clear that there were a lot of issues in the state to rectify before considering living in Orlando.

This is not the first time that crises have been noted in the Sunshine State, with the gas crisis that overtook parts of Florida earlier this year. It’s certainly an interesting perspective in light of the Disney-DeSantis feud, the noted loss of economic opportunity with the cancellation of the Lake Nona campus, and the Florida Governor’s presidential campaign.

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