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Disney Fanatic shares news and experiences that unfold outside of the Disney bubble, including news of Disney’s competitors and beyond.

Disney Resort’s Closest Airport Named “America’s Scariest”

John Wayne Airport

Imagine: you just had the most magical Disney vacation yet! The fireworks were perfect. You secured every virtual queue and Individual Lightning Lane you wanted, and even the churros tasted better than last time. You board the flight home and endure one of the fastest and steepest takeoffs in the world. Turns out, that is the experience of every Disneyland ...

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Orlando Among Top 10 Worst Places to Live for This Reason

Orlando Allergies

Orlando, Florida, may be one of the most visited towns in America due to its position as the gateway to the Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort. But for those with allergies, it is officially one of the worst places to be. It is officially Springtime once again, and that means another round of intense pollen and seasonal ...

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Disney Creator Earned $267,000 In a Year, Works Less Than Two Hours a Day

disney artist side hustle

Disney creators are some of the most talented individuals there are. They make history and become an inextricable part of the Disney community. Sometimes, however, these individuals’ accomplishments surpass that of the Disney fandom, and what they achieve transcends the boundaries the fandom affords them. And this is one such story. A 29-year-old artist has made headlines recently for setting ...

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Ringling Bros. Circus Announces Comeback Tour Without Elephants, Other Animals

Ringling Bros Circus return

“The Greatest Show on Earth” is coming back to town! After becoming arguably one of the most prominent targets of cancel culture a little over five years ago, America’s iconic Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced its triumphant return bringing with it an entirely new, animal-free experience. The circus shared a press release, saying, We’re excited to announce ...

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With a City in Flames, Is This Disney Park Safe?

Disneyland Paris Castle with fire

Disney parks are often a place of refuge. You literally escape to Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and any thoughts about your 9 to 5 or family dilemmas seem to just disappear once you enter through those gates. You smell that vanilla, and suddenly, everything just magically disappears. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. There have been many instances where the outside ...

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Hey Disney Dads, Turns Out Our Jokes Actually Help Our Kids

Disney Dad Jokes Actually Help

If you watch the Lion King, you’ll notice lots of Simba-lism. Where does Captain Hook go to get his hook replaced? The second-hand store. Why did Mickey Mouse become an astronaut? He wanted to visit Pluto. Dad jokes are as classic as Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse. We all remember going to the Magic Kingdom for the first time, and our ...

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Meet Disney’s New Caribbean Competition (No, It’s Not a Cruise Line)

Katmandu Park DR

The Caribbean is getting a brand new Theme Park, and it is opening right in the middle of Spring Break 2023, potentially putting another tropical destination in the running for those tourists flocking to Florida for the “thrills and beach” combination. It’s called Katmandu Park, and it is opening in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. Named and themed after the capital ...

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Could Disney Cause Closure of Popular Universal Land?

Universal Studios Hollywood

For about 15 years, Guests visiting the Universal Orlando Resort and Universal Studios Hollywood have been able to visit a world created by one of the most successful television shows in history — The Simpsons. Springfield allows Guests to dine at iconic locations like Moe’s Tavern, drink Duff beer, nearly get killed by Sideshow Bob (but in a fun way!) at ...

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