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Another Disney Star Attacks Bob Iger for Being “Completely Out of Touch”

bob iger WGA strike
Credit: CNBC and Marvel Studios

To Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger, the disruptive ongoing WGA strike is apparently “unrealistic” — but if the Disney CEO was hoping that his remark would go unnoticed or fade from headlines quickly, then such hopes also seem to be unrealistic!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, She-Hulk actress and Broadway star Tatiana Maslany said (while picketing in support of the writers’ strike) that Iger was confirming his “out of touch” status by responding to the WGA strike in such a negative manner.

She-Hulk is a Marvel series that premiered last year on Disney+.

she-hulk show poster

Credit: Marvel Studios

“He’s Completely Out of Touch”

Other Disney employees (like the director of the brand-new Haunted Mansion movie and this National Treasure actress) have also had plenty to say about Disney CEO Bob Iger, but Maslany was particularly firm in her stance.

“I think he’s completely out of touch,” the actress declared. “He’s completely out of touch with the workers who make his shows happen, who make people watch these shows, who bring viewers to him and him money.”

tatiana maslany in she-hulk

Tatiana Maslany in ‘She-Hulk’. Credit: Marvel Studios

“People Fall Through the Cracks”

“Having worked on a Disney show, I know where people fall through the cracks and where people are taken advantage of,” Maslany added, “and it’s outrageous the amount of wealth that is not shared with the people who actually make the show. That’s crew, cast, writers.”

The Orphan Black and Grey House actress seems to be referencing the shockingly-low residuals that writers are being paid for their work on the show. We have also seen other Disney stars, such as this Lizzie McGuire actor, sharing residual checks with amounts as low as $0!

tatiana maslany in she-hulk

Credit: Marvel Studios

No Health Care, Lower Wages, and Meaningless “Quotes”

“I have friends who have been doing this for 30 to 40 years and have lost their health care because the minimums are so relatively low, but wages have gone down, people’s quotes no longer stand for anything,” Maslany continued from the picket line. “It’s just like we’ve been completely cast aside.”

Have you been following the ongoing WGA strike and writers’ strike? Did you know about the strike-related backlash that Disney CEO Bob Iger is currently facing?

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