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Do They Even Know What ‘Woke’ Means? Iger Takes Down His Critics

Bob Iger Disney

Disney CEO Bob Iger has had a good couple of weeks. He successfully ended the Walt Disney Company’s feud with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and won a proxy battle against activist investor Nelson Peltz. But since his April 3 victory, Iger has been busy showing off Disney World’s new and future projects and updating Disney’s slate of new movies, but ...

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Critics Trash “Bamboozled” Owners of Disney: “They Have No Idea What’s Going On”

disney shareholders criticism

Critics took to social media to call out Disney’s “bamboozled” institutional shareholders and their ignorance when it comes to the realities of the Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney Company has faced its fair share of criticism from fans, shareholders, activist investors, and more, and the company has been fielding these for years. At this point, Disney CEO Bob Iger ...

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Despite His Win, Proxy Battle Has Left Bob Iger “Humiliated and Humbled”

Bob Iger promises to step down

The long Walt Disney Company nightmare is seemingly over. After nearly 14 months of fighting, Disney shareholders voted against activist investor Nelson Peltz and his slate of Disney Board members, instead approving Disney CEO Bob Iger and his slate. It wasn't close. Peltz lost by a two to one margin, sources told @sherman4949. Rasulo lost by 5 to 1 margin. ...

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Bob Iger and Disney Are About to Make a Massive Mistake

Disney's next CEO not with the company

This week, the Walt Disney Company and its CEO, Bob Iger, find themselves in the fight of their lives. On April 3, Disney shareholders will meet to vote on a new Board of Directors. Iger is facing off against activist investor Nelson Peltz. Peltz and his Trian Fund Management own around two percent of Disney. He is seeking two sets ...

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April 3 Will Define Disney For Decades to Come

Nelson Peltz Disney Board Vendetta

April 3 will make a significant day in the history of the Walt Disney Company. It’s not the day a new movie or ride at Walt Disney World will be released. Instead, April 3 will make the Walt Disney Company’s Annual Shareholder meeting. Most years, there isn’t much news coming out of that meeting, but this year, it will end ...

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Disney Hit With New Lawsuit Ahead of D-Day on April 3

disney blackwells capital lawsuit

The Walt Disney Company can’t seem to catch a break; the company was hit with yet another lawsuit, this time from Blackwells Capital, LLC. Over the past few years, Disney has been embroiled in multiple high-profile lawsuits. Whether it was its fight with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (that it has now backed down from) or even constant lawsuits from injured ...

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Hey Iger, Want to Win Your Proxy Battle? Bring Back the Old Fast Pass System

bob iger pay 2023

Disney CEO Bob Iger finds himself in a bit of a predicament. He is fighting for his legacy and the future of the Walt Disney Company against a proxy battle from activist investor Nelson Peltz. Related: Hey Iger, Bring Back the Magical Express And to win, Bob Iger is pullout out all the stops. He got high-profile endorsements from Roy and ...

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