Critics Trash “Bamboozled” Owners of Disney: “They Have No Idea What’s Going On”

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Critics took to social media to call out Disney’s “bamboozled” institutional shareholders and their ignorance when it comes to the realities of the Walt Disney Company.

The Walt Disney Company has faced its fair share of criticism from fans, shareholders, activist investors, and more, and the company has been fielding these for years. At this point, Disney CEO Bob Iger even believes they’ve gotten pretty good at handling the situation.

Recently, Disney finally finished their “distracting” fight with activist investor Nelson Peltz, who was vying for a board seat on Disney’s board of directors along with former Disney CFO Jay Rasulo. As many know, this fight ended unsuccessfully, and Disney has retained control of its future, at least for now.

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The Walt Disney Company / Credit: Disney

However, while this battle has now been laid to rest, some critics are making their frustration with Disney’s shareholders blatantly clear.

@SirBrayden on X, formerly Twitter, called out the investors and “bamboozled” institutional Disney shareholders (i.e. fractional owners of the Walt Disney Company).

He wrote, “Today I tuned into financial news and it was incredible how bamboozled Disney’s institutional shareholders are. One I saw stated the Parks should be SOLD OFF because they’re “not growth” like the venerable Disney+ service! With investors like these no wonder the C-suite is so bad.” 

@SirBrayden continued, “It is so unfortunate that Disney is a public company. The growth in rampant speculation in markets has disincentivized focus on honest, slow-growing business like the Parks in favor of tech narratives where capital management firms can do a quick arbitrage trade and then dump DIS.” 

Disney’s theme parks (including Walt Disney World and Disneyland) have been unbelievably profitable for the company and have been one of its best-performing sectors for a few years now. Despite all the issues that fans have noted time and again at the parks, Disney’s Parks, Experiences, and Products sector is still consistently increasing revenue.

In contrast, Disney+ and the streaming sector are known to be the areas of the business that are struggling. Ever since former Disney CEO Bob Chapek made a slew of decisions that Disney’s board and Disney shareholders were unhappy with (thereby leading to his public ousting as CEO), the company has been working on a strategy to make the service profitable.

Many other fans also noted this in the comments of the OP’s thread. One wrote, “The parks have “no growth” because they use the money coming from the parks to fund their films that have continually bombed at the box office, then claim that they’re popular when they drop on Disney+.” 

Another added, “Disney + has been under water to the tune of multi billion. The US parks are the only thing to make Disney money and they in turn sending all that money to China where no one goes to it’s parks. If Disney sold off the parks, Disney would go into solvency.” 

Magic Kingdom Cinderella Castle Unsplash greg

Cinderella Castle, Magic Kingdom Park, Walt Disney World Resort / Credit: Greg Park, Unsplash

This said, Disney doesn’t seem to have any plans to sell off the parks anytime soon, so guests can rest easy knowing that their favorite theme parks are safe.

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