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Hey Iger, Bring Back Disney’s Magical Express

Disney's Magical Express

It’s been more than 400+ days since Bob Iger took back the reins as CEO of the Walt Disney Company from Bob Chapek. He’s been doing a little house cleaning since then and trying to bring the Disney Company back into the black. But for those of us who are theme park guests, the changes have been a little light. ...

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April 3 Will See the Battle for Disney’s Future Come to Head

disney shareholder meeting 2024

April 3, 2024, is going to be an important day for Disney wherein key stakeholders in the company decide its future. Disney CEO Bob Iger has a stressful job. It’s not easy being the head of one of the foremost entertainment companies in the world. Considering Disney has its fingers in many pies, managing all of them is no easy ...

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“Poster Child” Disney Kid Shares Best Way to Save Company

kurt russell save disney

A former White House and Pentagon official who was a “poster child” Disney kid shared how the company could be saved, and the suggestion might surprise you. The Walt Disney Company is known to be one of the most progressive and innovative entertainment companies in the world, and for good reason. For many years now, Disney has always had some ...

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Bob Iger’s Purge of Younger Talent Is Haunting Disney

Bob Iger's purge Disney succession

Late last year, when activist investor Nelson Peltz launched his second proxy battle against the Walt Disney Company and its Board, one of his many complaints was that there was no clear succession plan for Disney CEO Bob Iger. Peltz’s main concern was that without a plan, Disney would get a repeat of former CEO Bob Chapek. So, how hard ...

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‘Employees Are Smiling Because They Don’t Own Disney Stock,’ Peltz Takes His Proxy Battle to Disney World

Nelson Peltz looking for two Disney board seats

He’s back! And this time, he’s out for blood. A little over a year after activist investor Nelson Peltz launched his first attack on the Board of the Walt Disney Company, he’s back for a second proxy battle. Disney CEO Bob Iger was able to satisfy Peltz last year with a round of job cuts and cost-saving measures, but Peltz ...

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After 7000-Person Layoffs, $7 Billion Cost Cutting, Bob Iger Paid Almost $32 MILLION in 2023

bob iger pay 2023

It’s a lot of hard work to be the CEO of the Walt Disney Company, undoubtedly, but let’s not forget the job pays, and well! The subject of what senior executives at Disney get paid is always a dicey one. While their job is undoubtedly stressful and admittedly challenging, the compensation is noteworthy. Many would argue that the financial compensation ...

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Experts Agree, Disney’s Next CEO Is Not Currently With the Company

Disney's next CEO not with the company

When activist investor Nelson Peltz made his second bid for a seat on the board of the Walt Disney Company, he had a laundry list of complaints. But his complaints weren’t different from those everyone has heard since Disney CEO Bob Iger returned in late 2022. Disney has been struggling at the box office with several high-priced flops, Disney Plus ...

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‘Much of the Company Is Dead Weight,’ Analyst Thinks Disney Is Going Extinct

Bob Iger, Disney Studios, and EPCOT

It’s only been a week, but 2024 has been pretty good so far for the Walt Disney Company. Wish (2023), which bombed at the American box office, has found an audience overseas, banking more than $200 million. ESPN has been a rating juggernaut with the NFL and College Football Playoffs. And Walt Disney World has been slammed with a post-New Year’s ...

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Experts Predict Bob Iger Isn’t Leaving Disney Anytime Soon (And Here’s Who Will Replace Him When He Does)

bob iger dana walden 2024

Experts prepared their usual predictions for the business world in 2024, and they had some interesting insights about Disney and its long-standing CEO. For years now, Bob Iger has been a name that many relate very strongly to the Walt Disney Company. He has been at the helm of one of the most influential entertainment conglomerates in the world for ...

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The DOW Just Hit A Record High, So Why is Disney Still Struggling?

Disney stock market struggles

The end of the year is nearly upon us, and the stock market is having an historic rally. After a bumpy first 10 months of the year, the DOW Jones Industrial Average has been on an incredible upswing these last two months, gaining nearly 5,000 points. For the first time in history, the DOW broke 37,000. Most of this increase ...

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