“Only We Get Each Other”: Black Disney Adults Unite Online

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“Disney Adults” is a Disney visitor category that many Walt Disney World Resort, Disneyland Resort, or international Disney guests are already familiar with.

However, not all adult and childless Disney Fanatics enjoy being labeled as “Disney Adults,” especially since there are a shocking number of people hatefully mocking them for their love of Disney magic and Disney theme park experiences.

Even though Disney Adults do not necessarily love being categorized as such, there are some demographics who do particularly enjoy the label (or at least tolerate it without much resistance).

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Disney Adults are typically adult Disney fans who travel to Disney theme parks on vacations without children. Photo Credit: Disney

Disney-Loving Families Are All Alike

In an¬†Allure¬†article by Ayana Lage entitled “Inside the Lives of Black Disney Adults,” it has been revealed that both Black influencers or content creators who frequently visit Disney parks (such as Melizza Black) and non-influencer Black Disney Adults have formed a special connection with one another in the process of sharing their love for Disney.

According to Augsburg University associate professor (and director of gender, sexuality, and women’s studies) Adriane Brown, Disney Adults are typically attracted to Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort due to a mix of nostalgia and entertainment.

Why Do Adults Like Disney Vacations?

Disney’s efforts to include ‚Äúreally interesting, not theme-park-y food,” “good cocktails” for adult fans of alcoholic beverages, and other “adult offerings” have succeeded in attracting Disney theme park fans who fit into the Disney Adult bracket, even if nostalgia is not another factor in their Disney vacations.

Over time, Disney Adults have formed “a really sustained community” including “perpetual park-touring buddies,” as well as “lifelong friendships.”

Some romances have even blossomed between Disney Adults — and in online communities like Black Disney Moms, the sense of camaraderie is significant.

Disney Adults

Credit: Disney

“A Welcome Escape”

Founder Amiyrah Martinis is the host of the planDisney podcast, and she created the Black Disney Moms group with the addition of the  #disneymomsofcolor hashtag.

According to¬†Allure, “A theme park billed as ‘the most magical place on Earth’…offers a welcome escape for Black Americans, who face systemic disadvantages outside of the Disney gates.”

Everything from humidity-friendly hairstyles to Black-owned Disney-related businesses to the casting of Halle Bailey in the new Little Mermaid film has been discussed in the Facebook group.

‚ÄúIt‚Äôs really a space where only we get each other, and it’s such an amazing thing to be a part of,” Tanay Howard (a mother who helps manage the group) explained.

Are you a member of any online Disney Adult communities? Do you consider yourself to be a Disney Adult, or do you find the label to be offensive or embarrassing?

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