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Disney Announces New Perks For Wealthy Cruise Passengers

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Disney fans have been keeping a close eye on any breaking news coming from the Walt Disney Company (especially since its CEO, Bob Chapek, has just been replaced with former CEO Bob Iger), but now some special news has come from an unexpected place: the Disney Cruise Line!

According to the Disney Cruise Line website (and journalist Scott Gustin, in a Tweet shown below), Disney Guests who have been able to embark on Disney cruises (onboard the Disney Wish, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, Disney Magic, or Disney Wonder cruise ships) more than 25 times are now eligible to join a special new tier in the Castaway Club Membership!

disney cruise line

The Disney Wish is joining the Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, and Disney Wonder in the cruise ship fleet. Disney Cruise Line/Disney

Being able to afford 25 different Disney Cruise vacations is quite pricey, so Disney fans will most likely be able to guess at the high-income brackets of people who are able to join this new Castaway Club membership tier (which is called Pearl, as opposed to the Silver, Gold, and Platinum tiers).

Apparently, Pearl Tier members can expect “exclusive benefits”. According to the Disney Cruise Line website, “a pearl is a valued treasure that takes time and care to take shape” — hence the highly-valued rewards that are coming for these members!


The Disney Wish is joining the Disney Magic, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream, and Disney Wonder in the cruise ship fleet.

Do you think that you will ever be able to travel with Disney Cruise Line on Disney cruise ships at least 25 times? If you had the money to take this many Disney cruise vacations, would you want to — or would you and your family rather spend the money on different non-Disney trips, especially since so many Disney Park, Disney Resort, and Disney Cruise Guests have been leaving their Disney vacations unsatisfied lately?

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