Disney Fans Have Field Day With King Charles Clause In Reedy Creek Deal

Ron DeSantis' new board
Credit: Reedy Creek

After months of contention between Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and The Walt Disney Company, it looked like the controversial governor had come out on top. Governor DeSantis and the Florida Legislature had signed a law that would dissolve Disney’s Reedy Creek Improvement District. The Reedy Creek board was disbanded and the Central Florida Tourism Oversight Committee was created. Each board member was hand-picked and appointed by Governor DeSantis. Things were going the way DeSantis wanted. Until they weren’t.

Disney World District

Credit: Governor Ron DeSantis

Before the Reedy Creek board was disbanded, there were several deals that were made. The board essentially signed all of its power back over to Disney, meaning that the new board would not be able to do anything without Disney’s official say-so. These deals were designed to last decades. One of the agreements that are getting the most attention is the Reedy Creek Improvement District Developer Agreement.

A section of the agreement reads that the deal will be valid until 21 years after the death of the last descendant of King Charles III, that was alive when the agreement was made, or until Disney abandons the property.

Reedy Creek Improvement District

Credit: Orlando Business Journal

Both the new Tourism Oversight Board and Governor DeSantis were not happy. Lawyers have been retained — on Disney’s dime — and the board is looking into what legal action it has to reverse these agreements. The Governor has said that people have not seen anything yet, and he is gearing up for one heck of a fight against the Mouse House.

Disney fans, on the other hand, are having an absolute field day with the coup that Disney managed to pull off.

Magic Kingdom Disney World

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Many fans were surprised that Disney seemed to be so quiet as DeSantis and his hand-picked appointees took over Reedy Creek. You can imagine their delight and surprise when Disney’s ultimate plan — and the King Charles clause — was revealed.

I have two new designs in the store today all about the Reedy Creek brouhaha. All hail King Charles III! 

Other fans said that they thought that Lillibet — the youngest daughter of Prince Harry and Megan Markle — should be named a Disney princess. Lillibet is the youngest living descendant of King Charles.

I believe that now under English and Florida law this makes Lillibet both a Disney Princess and actual royalty

Twitter user Jess Siswick had a pretty good idea of which one of Disney’s lawyers came up with the King Charles clause, and she may not be too far off.

“in effect until 21 years after the death of the last survivor of King Charles” was definitely written by this guy

The genius of Disney’s lawyers was also celebrated in the theme parks. Theme park reporter Scott Gustin got himself a complimentary Disney button to celebrate.

I’m celebrating King Charles today. 👑

While Governor DeSantis and the new board are looking into what they can do to reverse the Developer Agreement, there may not be much on their side, legally. Gustin also shared a timeline of when the agreement was made, when the King Charles clause was introduced, and when the bill was approved by the Florida legislature.

A delightful timeline of the Reedy Creek bill and when Disney filed the King Charles clause:

Feb. 6: Bill to change district posted online
Feb. 8: Bill discussed during committee
Feb. 9: Disney files King Charles clause
Feb. 10: Bill approved by Fla. legislature

The board and the Governor are not going to give up without a fight. So, we are most likely just at the very beginning of the battle. King Charles and the royal family have not commented on the clause tying them to Disney. Disney has also not commented on the clause or what their plan is if DeSantis decides to take this to court.

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