Disney Fans Propose Hilarious New Spaceship Earth Narrator

New Spaceship Earth Narrator
Credit: Disney

Spaceship Earth is likely the first ride you will encounter when entering EPCOT at Walt Disney World. It is also likely one that you won’t soon forget. It has been a staple for the Park since it first opened in 1982. However, being a classic attraction in a major theme park has drawbacks. The ride is revered but is also quite dated by modern standards. Disney has updated the dark ride slightly over the years, but much of it remains exactly as it was in its original inception. However, there have been several narrators for the ride during the course of its existence.

Judi Dench has been the Spaceship Earth narrator since 2008, but fans on social media have begun to push for the attraction’s next narrator. The internet is demanding a new replacement, and their pick for the next Spaceship Earth narrator is hysterical!

Spaceship Earth Narrator

Credit: Disney

Who could replace Judi Dench at EPCOT’s Signature Attraction?

Fans on Reddit have decided to go in a completely different direction when it comes to the future narration of Spaceship Earth this time around. The internet has spoken, and they have chosen Philomena Cunk as the heir to Judi Dench’s EPCOT legacy. It might seem ridiculous, but we are totally here for it.

Let’s get one thing straight right out of the gate. Dame Judi Dench is amazing and has the voice of a goddess. No one is trying to say otherwise. Imagining a world where Philomena Cunk narrates Spaceship Earth, however, is an absolute delight. Fans will recognize the character from Netflix’s recent historical mockumentary Cunk on Earth.

Actress Diane Morgan plays an extremely dry and ignorant reporter who commentates on world affairs with the most mundane voice. The character has gotten popular for saying ridiculous matter-of-fact nonsense with a monotone reporter voice. She is exactly what is needed to revitalize the Spaceship Earth narrator position.

Will Disney replace Judi Dench in Spaceship Earth?

The proposal has gone viral on Reddit as many fans clamor to post their most hysterical Spaceship Earth Cunk narration quotes. Walt Disney World would do well to listen to these people, as they have produced some absolute gems.

“This is the Library of Alexandria, and it’s on fire, which is generally considered to not be good for a place filled with lots of old books,” suggests one fan. Another quotes, “The Ancient Greeks were renowned for their philosophy. These students want to find employment, though, so they’re learning mathematics instead.”

Previous narrators of Spaceship Earth include Vic Perrin, Walter Cronkite, and Jeremy Irons. The ride has never featured any sort of humor other than the fact that its version of the future is dated and comical. Philomena Cunk’s dry humor could be exactly what the attraction needs to see it take off again!

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