Has Disney Gotten Too Expensive? 5 Ways to Save on Your Next Trip

Is Disney Too Expensive
Is Disney Too Expensive

Let’s face it; Disney is not cheap. Lodging expenses plus the addition of park tickets and food can seem overwhelming. Tickets are up to almost $100 for a single day, single park visit. We can’t change this, but there are ways to save on all of these things. It is very possible to do Disney on a budget. So start your planning here with these five ways to save on your next trip!

5. Stay Off Property

Yes, I said it. The dreaded words, stay off property. No you may not get that extra touch of Disney magic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have amazing accommodations. You can actually get a lot more space for a lot less money. This is especially important when traveling with a large group. A lot of the resorts are really close to Disney World, less than a ten-minute drive, but are technically not on Disney property. So the rates will be a lot lower during every season. You may even be able to find somewhere that offers rooms with multiple bedrooms and a full kitchen. Which brings me to my next point…

4. Skip the Pricey Disney Food

If you happen to have a room with a kitchen, make at least one or two meals in the room. Yes, you’re on vacation, but if you are truly on a budget, this saves loads of money. This might mean only eating out a couple times during your trip, rather than everyday. Skip the pricey sit down breakfast and make it in the room instead. Going shopping once you arrive and picking up things for a few meals will really make a difference. Besides, isn’t the point of vacation to be together? Not to spend hundreds of dollars a day on food? It’s also a good idea to bring your own snacks into the parks. Disney allows you to bring any kind of food into the park, with the exception of glass and alcohol. So pick up a few individual bags of chips, granola bars, and water and throw them in your bag for a long day at the park! This comes in so handy when someone gets hungry while waiting in line.

3. Bring Your Own Souvenirs

Okay, so this might be a tough one. Especially if you have little ones in tow. But everyone has about a thousand Disney t-shirts, so bring yours to wear instead of buying a new one. This can also work for kids. Bring your own princess dress, pirate outfit, etc. instead of buying them in the park. This way they get the experience of dressing up without paying the steep theme park prices. You can choose to surprise them for a little extra magic! Also, let them bring their own stuffed animals and toys from home, it might get you out of buying one at the park!

2. Try Unofficial Disney Websites

There are lots of websites that sell Disney tickets at a lot lower prices. Most of them are legitimate websites; you just have to do your research. Undercover Tourist is probably the biggest, most reliable one. They have great deals for multiple day tickets with free shipping. So don’t wait until you arrive at the gates to buy your tickets. You’ll probably end up paying a significant amount more for the same tickets.

Bonus Tip!

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1. Visit During Off Season

There are certain months out of the year that are generally a better time to visit, for crowd and price reasons. If you visit during September, October, early November, and January (after New Years), you will generally have lower priced rates and lower crowds. You may even be able to snag free dining during some of these months. That can save a lot of money in itself. You just have to do your research. I can’t express that enough!

Everyone needs a vacation every now and then. And if a Disney vacation has been on your mind lately, but budget is an issue, then follow these five surefire tips to have a fabulous Disney vacation without breaking the bank. Whether this includes staying off property or packing your own snacks, you can really have fun on any budget. So, once again, do your research! And most importantly, have fun and spend time with the ones you love!

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