Disney Lawsuit Update on Viral Lightning McQueen Car

Images Credit: @ninefivegarage

We previously shared that Disney filed a lawsuit against a popular Instagram and TikTok user that created his very own Lightning McQueen-themed car after Disney Pixar’s animated film franchise series, Cars (2006). Now, the TikToker provides a lawsuit update!

Lightning McQueen racing academy
Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Credit: Disney)

@ninefivegarage quickly became famous on social media for his reels which included a look-alike of the red #95 race car all us Disney fans know as Lightning McQueen. It wasn’t too long, however, before cops were saying the car wasn’t street legal which was followed shortly by Disney suing the fan for his impressive creation.

The Lightning McQueen-themed Subaru BRZ quickly gained @ninefivegarage an impressive 1.6 million followers. But is @ninefivegarage gone from social media with his Lightning McQueen look alike? Not completely!

There is both good and bad news, as @ninefivegarage shares in the “Disney Lawsuit Update” video below:

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The Lightning McQueen lawsuit reached a settlement. The bad news is that @ninefivegarage can no longer make content with the Lightning McQueen BRZ. The real Lightning McQueen in the movies is also a BRZ which makes the two vehicles too authentic, especially with @ninefivegarage’s almost exact replica.

The compromise was that @ninefivegarage could keep making Lightning McQueen content if he uses a vehicle that looks much less like Lightning McQueen. So… this is exactly what @ninefivegarage is doing!

He now as a Lightning McQueen look-alike in a corvette form, and, yes, Disney did sign off on it. @ninefivegarage added, “Kind of a bummer, but at least we were able to make a compromise.”

@ninefivegarage goes on to provide further details, including reading the lawsuit letter from The Walt Disney Company in the TikTok video below:


Replying to @realcolonelsanders disney was upset that i created the world’s first flawless replica #kachow #lightningmcquren #subaru #brz #disney #lawsuit #disneylawsuit #cars #satire

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The TikToker may look at the corvette Lightning McQueen as a “downgrade” from the BRZ Lightning McQueen, but we’re still excited he’ll be able to continue producing Lightning McQueen-themed content for his followers to enjoy. He’s also been known to offer his car for charity events, and with this corvette change over, that should still be a possibility.

It’s impressive that @ninefivegarage could pull off such a flawless replica of Lightning McQueen that it was spotted by Disney. We’re thankful the lawsuit has been settled with a compromise that works.

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