Video: Cop Says Fan’s ‘Lightning McQueen’ Car Not Street Legal

Lightning McQueen
Credit: @ninefivegarage

Disney Fanatics are known for emulating their favorite characters through their outfits, either through straight cosplay or through DisneyBounding. But it appears one fan has taken Disney cosplay to the streets, literally.

IG and TikTok user @ninefivegarage transformed his Subaru BRX into the Piston Cup Champion Lightning McQueen in every way, including putting his eyes on the windshield.

Unfortunately, this incredibly cool car–nicknamed “Lightning McBRZ” is not street legal, and the owner found out the hard way.

Lightning McQueen-themed WRX

Credit: IG: @ninefivegarage

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Cop Caught ‘Lightning McBRZ’ on His Way to Visit Kid with Cancer

In a two-part TikTok video, @ninefivegarage shows himself getting pulled over by a police officer, using part 1 to explain to fans that the windscreen is, indeed, not street legal. The officer admits that the car is incredibly cool but that the driver couldn’t have the windshield on while he was driving.

Here’s part 1 below.


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But this driver wasn’t just fishing for TikTok material. It turns out the run-in with authorities was supplementary to his original plan. In part two, he explains that “Lightning McBRZ” was on his way to visit a kid named McKay who is fighting cancer and subtly tried to explain that there was no way he would be able to take the screen back on after he took it off.

The officer does not appear to be too sympathetic.


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@ninefivegarage shared the same video to Instagram and wrote in the video’s caption,

“if McKay’s family sees this, this is why I didn’t make it up there that day, sorry! Was on my way to a birthday party first then going to Clinton right after but got pulled over and turned back home.”

Lightning McBRZ

Credit: @ninefivegarage

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It warms our hearts at Disney Fanatic to see other Fanatics like this working to spread Disney Magic whenever they can. After all, what little boy wouldn’t get the biggest grin on his face if he saw the star of Disney/Pixar’s Cars, Lightning McQueen, literally drive up his driveway?

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