Fire Department Called to Space Mountain – What We Know So Far

Space Mountain

5:17 pm 2/7/22 – This article has been updated since its publication.

An unexpectedly eventful afternoon appears to be taking shape at Magic Kingdom Park as Walt Disney World’s official fire team, the Reedy Creek Fire Department, made a visit to Tomorrowland after a fire alarm was set off.

According to one source, @GottaGoOrlando,

“Space Mountain & The PeopleMover at Magic Kingdom are both currently closed. The fire alarm was activated, with Guests evacuated by Cast Members. The Reedy Creek Fire Department responded to an unknown incident at Space Mountain around 3:45 p.m. No official word from Disney yet!”

Journalist Ashley Carter followed up on this story shortly after, saying:

“In regards to the Space Mountain and PeopleMover closure. Reedy Creek Fire Department did not respond to the area, but the department spokesperson says there was no fire.”

It has still been less than a year’s worth of time since The Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover reopened after a long closure. Taking Guests on an elevated “grand tour” of Tomorrowland, The PeopleMover is arguably most appreciated for going inside Space Mountain. Due to this connection, it makes sense why it would also be shuttered if something evacuation-worthy happened on Space Mountain, like the triggering of a fire alarm.

Since Reedy Creek Fire Department confirmed no fire present, one has to wonder if foul play by Guest(s) might be at fault. However, we can neither confirm nor deny such a situation at this time.

According to the MyDisneyExperience App, Space Mountain appears to be back up, with a wait time of 75 minutes. The PeopleMover, however, remains closed at this time (5:12 pm ET 2/7/22).

Magic Kingdom Tomorrowland Wait Times

Credit: Disney

Also, no Guests have any reported injuries due to the incident at this time.

Update: Smoking Break-Room Fridge Set Off Alarm

An hour after the situation emerged, it appears that the fire alarm was set off by a smoking refrigerator in the break room.

According to the Orlando Sentinel,

Walt Disney World’s Space Mountain roller coaster was shut down Monday afternoon after smoke from a breakroom refrigerator prompted an evacuation, a union official with Disney’s fire department said.

Tim Stromsnes, communications director for the Reedy Creek Professional Firefighters, said one engine responded to the ride. A firefighter unplugged the fridge, and the fire department’s other units called to respond were canceled, he said.

It has not taken Guests long to get back in line for the classic Disney attraction as the wait time has jumped 30 minutes within the last 10 real-time minutes.

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