VIDEO: Woman in Scooter Runs Over Guest at Disneyland

Credit (right): @kisstiana656

We have seen an increased number of incidents with the general public since businesses began to reopen from COVID-19 closures, and unfortunately, Disney parks are not immune to poor behavior by Guests. Even worse, the incident captured in one of the latest viral TikToks of Disney Guests behaving badly was a regular problem even before the pandemic, among both other Guests and Cast Members. The incident in question? Running over another Guest with a mobility scooter.

A TikTok posted by user @kisstiana656 shows a situation many regular Disneyland Park Guests know all too well: Another Guest using a scooter (or ECV) entering the park at the same time, likely with the same ambitious plans to get to a favorite attraction during rope drop, carelessly ran over the foot of the Guest recording. Take a look at the recording below:


She literally darted in front of me and ran over my foot ? #disneyplusvoices #disney #disneyland #ropedrop #ouch #intheairtonight #disneyadults #fyp

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Of course, accidents do happen and there is a lot to unpack in the scooter conversation at Disneyland (seen in the video above) and Walt Disney World when it comes up on social media. If a Guest isn’t used to driving a scooter, which many aren’t, as lots of people only rent them while in Walt Disney World due to the added standing and walking they may not need to do at home, it can take a little bit of time to get used to. Still, we have to think that you would…feel a bump…if you were to run over someone’s foot, and a quick apology and checking that the person is okay would certainly not hurt!

Scooters Walt Disney World

Credit: ScooterBug

As the comments on the TikTok go to show, lots of Disney Park Guests have had similar experiences, and many Disney Cast Members have tales to tell, too. When I was a Cast Member working at Lights, Motors, Action! the now-defunct car stunt show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, it was an all too regular occurrence to have my foot run over by an ECV while loading Guests into the stadium’s elevator. I think assuming that about half of those Guests apologized or acknowledged what had happened would be a generous estimate.

Credit: Disneyland

The Disneyland scooter situation can be frustrating when their drivers are careless in how they pass other Guests, but at the end of the day, we do not want to contribute to the negative conversations that surround Guests in scooters. Motorized scooter rentals, stroller rentals, and wheelchair rentals are essential for lots of Guests visiting a theme park, and if you need a ride to get around you should definitely take advantage of these services.

We simply want to make the point that everyone just appreciates some common courtesy, so however you are getting around Disneyland or Walt Disney World, it is best to watch where you are going, be aware of your surroundings, and if you do happen to bump or run over someone, a simple apology can go a long way.

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  1. Multiple employees have been injured by those who rent wheelchairs across the street of disneyland and they go 30 mph. dozens of employees have been hit – back injuries, broken bones in hands and feet.

  2. So the ‘victim’ here was busy filming through his phone, looking in all directions, not walking in a straight line and is unaware of his immediate surroundings. It appears to me as if he stepped into the path of a scooter to his right. Gone are the days when people were cognizant and courteous to the physically impaired.

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