Magic Kingdom Guest Melts Down Over Disney Cast Member Moving Her Stroller

Credit: Disney Fanatic (left) / @maddieisraddie on TikTok (right)

The Most Magical Place on Earth retains this title due to the hardworking Disney Cast Members that create happiness daily for Guests visiting Walt Disney World from all over the world. Part of any Cast Member’s role while working in Disney theme parks is ensuring the best possible experience for each Guest they interact with. At times, this may mean moving a Guest’s stroller.


Recently a Guest visiting the Magic Kingdom Park became irate when a Fantasyland Cast Member moved her stroller while it was unattended. The incident was captured on video via @maddieisraddie on TikTok below, but unfortunately, this kind of behavior from Guests is nothing new for Cast Members working in stroller parking.

Keep reading  for a breakdown of why it is okay for Cast Members to move strollers, and how you can avoid losing track of your stroller* (*If you do need help finding your stroller, be sure to treat the Cast Member you speak to respectfully, as they are simply doing their job and this kind of behavior is unacceptable.)

View the incident in @maddieisraddie’s video here:


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Let’s start at the beginning. When you visit Walt Disney World, or really any privately owned business, you are effectively agreeing to follow the business’s rules. If you are visiting Walt Disney World using a stroller, whether your own personal stroller or a rented Disney stroller, the following rules (and others) apply.

Per Disney’s official website:

  • Do not leave personal belongings in an unattended stroller.
  • Strollers may be moved by a Cast Member due to operational needs.

Simply put, if your stroller is not parked in a designated stroller parking area, or if it is in the correct area but needs to be moved to make room for other strollers, a Disney Cast Member will move your stroller. Since Guests visiting the theme parks need to adhere to Disney’s rules, if you fail to park your stroller in the correct area, or if you become angry that your stroller was moved, well, this is your fault.


Most Guests who lose their cool at Cast Members when they return to their stroller only to find it moved are doing so because they parked it in the wrong area. All designated stroller parking areas have signs addressing them as such, and they likely have Cast Members working right in the area, so if you park your stroller where there is no sign (or worse, a sign saying “No Stroller Parking”) your stroller will almost definitely be moved.

Let’s talk about why that is. If you have never worked at Walt Disney World, it may be difficult to understand how quickly one Guest breaking the rules can turn into a serious problem. Walt Disney World and specifically the Magic Kingdom is the most visited tourist destination in the world. One stroller in the wrong spot will very quickly turn into two strollers, then six, then eight, then 20 if it is not moved quickly.

So what if 20 strollers end up outside of stroller parking? Walkways can become crowded or ramps ensuring disability access could be blocked, both safety hazards that are rightfully avoided by simply keeping strollers in stroller parking areas. Long story short, like many rules at the Walt Disney World Resort, any guidelines related to strollers exist for your own safety and that of other Guests.


Now, what if you do park your stroller in the correct area and you still find it’s been moved? This is simply to make room for other Guests to park their strollers. As spaces open up, strollers are moved to the end of their row so the closest spaces to Guest walkways are open making it easy for other Guests to come up and find parking. If you park your stroller in a designated area, it should not be difficult to find it as it likely only moved a couple of feet from where you left it.

As Disney’s rules state, you should not leave personal items unattended in strollers, not only because Cast Members may need to move the stroller but also because there are thousands of other Guests who you don’t know also visiting the parks. It is similar to visiting a large city where you presumably would also not leave your belongings unattended.

The moral of the story? Please make an effort to follow posted signage and Cast Member instructions while vacationing at Walt Disney World. Be kind to Cast Members who are only doing their jobs and really looking out for everyone’s safety. And, if you do find your stroller moved, a friendly question of where it might have gone to a Cast Member is a much more appropriate method than what was captured in the video above.

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