Disney Guest Called Out for Insane Camera Set Up, Shushing Kids

Disney Park Vlogger Hushes Kids

Influencers and streamers, in general, already have a bad reputation among Disney fans and Park Guests, but it appears that a new negative posterchild for the social media users has emerged.

Vloggers Banned from Disney

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One part of every Disney Park day where regular Guests are likely to crash with the smartphone-happy vloggers is during the nighttime spectaculars. And over at Disneyland Paris, a crazy situation was shared across the Twittersphere.

Twitter user @PaulAndrewYoung shared a picture of one overzealous Guest setting up an incredibly complex collection of cameras, smartphones, and microphones to catch the new Marvel-themed projection show on the Hollywood Tower Hotel at Walt Disney Studios Park, Avengers: Power the Night.

According to the tweeter, “This bellend with all the cameras thinks it’s okay to shush children in a theme park while he’s going a live stream.”

Apparently this individual had this complex set up in place for hours, beginning in broad daylight, sushing kids throughout the day.

It is uncelar what this unknown person’s affiliation is, and how he was able to bring so much equipment into the Park. Several Disney Parks and Resorts have already taken proactive steps to curb streamers due to a variety of reasons including ride safety and privacy, but not all Parks and Resorts are treating the situation equally.

Tokyo Disney Resort has lead the way in curbing vlogger activity, and the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort have begun searching for their own official social media content creators to spend time in the Parks. If you are or know anybody who would be interesting in this position, click the link below.

Disney Parks Social Media Content Creator

Credit: Disney

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We at Disney Fanatic want to remind all would-be Guests that the one thing that cannot be controlled when attempting to take pictures or film a nighttime specuatular is the actions of your fellow Guests around you.

We will continue to update our readers on Disney Parks news and stories as more developments come to light.

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