Theme Park Reservation Update: Disney Park Penalizes ‘No Shows’

It is no secret that Annual Passholders (APs) and Magic Key Pass Holders have a much easier time securing Theme Park Reservations for Disney World and Disneyland Theme Parks than those who purchase single or multi-day Theme Park Tickets.

Just the other day, for example, we shared the news that all Disney World Theme Park Reservations were taken–for all those Guests without select Annual Passes—for St. Patrick’s Day And while Spring Breakers with only a Theme Park Ticket and Resort hotel stay continue to push Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, and Disney’s Animal Kingdom to their still-limited capacity, those with an Incredi-Pass and Sorceror’s Pass still have plenty of Park Passes left (at least, as of the publication of this article).

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This wiggle room is just one of the arguably-few-remaining perks of being an AP, but it undoubtedly opens the door for some abuse, especially when the APs are relatively local and may feel at liberty to be a “no show.” In fact, this reporter confesses to having personally wasted a Park Pass Reservation for Magic Kingdom a few weeks ago. Chores and homebuying steps took precedence, and I never showed up.

Regardless of the reason, “No Shows” affect a Disney Park’s overall numbers, and one Resort is taking steps to prevent them from happening.

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The fine print on The Disneyland Resort’s website shows that there is punishment in store for Magic Key Holders who don’t show up on the days they have a reservation for Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure:

The ability of Magic Key holders to make and hold park reservations will be impacted by the “no show” policy. Magic Key holders who are a “no show” for 3 reservations in a 90-day window will be unable to make new park reservations for 30 days. Existing park reservations at that time will not be cancelled. The 30-day period begins the day after the third “no-show,” and will continue even if the pass is upgraded to another pass during that time. A Magic Key holder who enters the designated park any time before closing on the day of the reservation is not considered a “no-show.” If the reservation is for both parks, only one park needs to be entered to avoid being a “no-show.” Magic Key holders who timely cancel a reservation are also not considered a “no-show.” Cancellation of a reservation must be done by 11:59 PM PT on the day before the reserved date. Rules and policies are subject to change without notice.

There are four active Magic Key Pass tiers at Disneyland: The Imagine Key, the Enchant Key, the Believe Key, and the Dream Key. There is no such policy penalizing “No Show” APs at Walt Disney World at this time.

Disneyland Magic Key Pass

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It seems that Disneyland is essentially telling Magic Key Pass Holders, “three strikes, and you’re out.” And while debate can rage over whether or not such a policy should be enforced at its Floridian sister, the question remains if it could happen. Disneyland Resort is much smaller than Walt Disney World Resort, with much more limited capacity made obvious by just comparing the size and number of its Theme Parks, but at a time when demand for Disney Magic is at a high, it would make sense for Disney to do what it can to make sure as many people–who are going to show up–can access the Parks.

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More on Disney Park Pass Reservations

Put in place as a means of capacity control, the Disney Park Pass Reservation System requires all Guests to make a reservation through their Disney Account in order to use their Annual Pass or Park Ticket. As Park Hopping returned to Disney Experience, both domestic Disney Resorts decided that each Guest with the Park Hopper connected to his or her valid Theme Park admission still needed to make a reservation for his or her first Park–essentially checking-in with Disney–before being able to Park Hop after 2 pm.

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While Disney World and Disneyland opted for the Disney Park Pass System, its competitors like Universal Orlando Resort, Seaworld Orlando, and Busch Gardens Tampa Bay opted for its normal “first come, first serve” process. Across the Pond, Disneyland Paris took a unique approach. Rather than have Guests scour the website looking for Theme Park Availability, they offered tickets valid only on a specific date at a lower price.

At The Walt Disney World Resort, the Park Pass Reservation Availability Calendar stretches as far as January 2024. However, there is reason to suspect that there is an end in sight for Disney Park Pass Reservations. Click the link below to read our coverage of that story.

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