Disney Phone Cases Have Been Restocked

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If you’ve always wanted some Disney bling to accessorize your cell phone while protecting it, but never found any phone case that spoke to your love of Disney properly, then now’s the time to resume your search! The Disney X CASETIFY collection has just been restocked, and if you love Disney movies or sustainably-made products, then it could be exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

Credit: disneyprincessstyle Instagram

If you’re a fan of Aladdin or Jasmine, but don’t necessarily want a phone case that shows either character, then you might want to spring for the Rajah and Abu phone case instead! This case only shows Rajah and Abu, not any other characters or items from Aladdin (1992). If you have the opposite ‘problem’, and want to showcase an entire movie’s ensemble because you like the entire film so much, then the Mulan phone case might be up your alley! There are also several other Disney princess options!

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Fans of Tiana and the color green will definitely love the Disney princess‘s phone case–especially because it features Princess Tiana in her iconic bayou ballgown wedding dress!

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Sure, Belle is usually one of the more reserved and understated Disney princesses–but that’s no reason not to embrace a more glamorous ballgown version of her if dramatic Disney style is your favorite aesthetic! The gold Belle phone case below would be perfect for you if it is!

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If sustainability and a love of nature are important to you, you’ll also want to check out this brand. CASETIFY makes its phone cases from “old phone cases, manufacturing scraps, and plant-derived bio-plastics” since traditional plastic is terrible for the environment.

Not only are these phone cases made with sustainable materials, but they also come in a variety of colors to complement their decals. The cases typically range in price from 60 dollars to 70 dollars, depending on how sturdy a case you choose. Are you going to pick one of these phone cases for you or a loved one?

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