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There are plenty of people who want Disney weddings or Disney wedding dresses–but those are both costly! The dresses from the official Disney princess wedding collection, which is Allure Bridals’ Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Collection, cost several thousand dollars each. However, there are plenty of ways to get a wedding dress that feels like a Disney princess wedding dress at a much cheaper price. The dresses in the new Wtoo by Watters collection are still not cheap by the average standard, but at around 1,500 to 1,700 dollars each, they’re far cheaper than the Allure Bridals dresses! Here we’ve rounded up some of the dresses most reminiscent of Disney princess wedding dresses from the Wtoo collection.

The brand-new collection from Watters, Wtoo, was inspired by “a tropical daydream”, with “bright florals…lush palms…hints of blooms…bright notes of coral-colored roses, beautifully adorned bodices of rosebuds, dramatic skirts resembling flowers that are ready to burst, and beading that glistens like the morning dew”. According to the creative director and style director, “[they] did not shy away from color nor texture, as this collection embraces exotic elements and surprising combinations.” Although it might sound like the only Disney princess who’d suit this aesthetic is Moana, in reality, the wedding dresses are still traditional wedding dresses ranging from ivory to almond to blush in their colors. They just have lots of unique floral, feminine, and flowy details!


If you want to reference classic Disney princesses like Snow White and Cinderella in your Disney-style wedding dress, then the Ellie might be the dress for you! This dress costs between 1,550 dollars and 1,653 dollars. Its comfortable square-neckline bodice and “floral Devlon lace” make this gown appropriate for a ballroom, but the minimalism of the bodice and the skirt’s medium volume also tones it down for any outdoor weddings. If you want to sneak some Cinderella glamour or Snow White florals into your rustic barn wedding, then this is the dress that will bring it! 


 A really unique dress that would suit fans of Pocahontas, Tiana, or Raya is the Valenta. This dress combines “oversized lace” florals and illusion detailing to create a look that’s entirely eye-catching, different, and earthy. If you feel a strong connection to earth-loving Disney princesses, then this would be a great choice! The Valenta costs between 1,620 dollars and 1,728 dollars. 


Want to look like Belle at your wedding? If so, the Dupree is your answer! This dress’s “airy Devlon floral lace”, “cinched waist”, and soft floral skirt has a beautiful silhouette that suits the iconic village girl turned princess. Its cinched waist and sensible but slightly alluring neckline can remind you of Belle in her quiet village, but the skirt’s details hint at something more to be found. This dress costs between 1,600 and 1,707 dollars. 


The Hermia seems perfect for anyone who loves Rapunzel, Aurora, or the Maleficent version of Aurora. It costs around 1,400 dollars, depending on alterations, and features rose gold, ivory, and almond as its colors. The “ruched bodice” makes this dress comfortable to wear, and the “lively Juniper motifs that trickle down into the skirt” definitely seem like something that the aforementioned Disney princesses would gravitate towards! They also add a rustic note that would suit Aurora’s alter ego Briar Rose


The next dress, Juno, costs between 1,200 and 1,300 dollars. It features a “deep V-neck illusion bodice, “a floral lace motif”, and “an A-line skirt composed with layers of Soft Netting”. You can also get a conservative version if you’d prefer more coverage in the back and a sweetheart neckline instead of the V-neck! The elegant back of this dress and its frothy skirt make this seem like a great choice for Elsa fans! 

Do you like any of these Disney-princess-style wedding dresses, even if they’re not officially Disney dresses?

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