Here’s Exactly How To Be Briar Rose For Halloween

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If your first thought upon hearing the name “Briar Rose” was about the briar patches in Splash Mountain, then you may not know that Briar Rose is actually the name of Princess Aurora from Sleeping Beauty–or at least, it’s the name she has while living undercover in a forested glen with three fairies! After meeting Prince Philip and returning to the castle, Briar Rose discovers that her real name is Princess Aurora, but as Briar Rose, this particular Disney princess wore a rustic berry-gathering ensemble consisting of a simple woodsy dress, a headband, and a casual cape. As Aurora, she’s much more glamorous! If you want to dress as Sleeping Beauty for Halloween, but would prefer to pay homage to her rustic “Once Upon A Dream” self instead of the pink-and-blue-ballgown-wearing Disney princess from the rest of the Disney movie, then read on for a simple but flattering tutorial!

Aurora / Briar Rose from Sleeping Beauty. Photo credit Kandee Johnson on YouTube

We’ve already shared detailed makeup tutorials for each of the classic Disney princesses, and you can find those here! Our advice for Briar Rose makeup was meant for everyday life, but it still rings true for Halloween as well: “Replicate Briar Rose’s aesthetic with some brown mascara (focusing on the top lashes, not the bottom ones), just the slightest hint of brown eyeshadow on the lower lash line, and a generous amount of taupe eyeshadow on your lid (which can easily be applied with your ring finger). You could use any pale, soft, and relatively nude color for the eyeshadow, and feel free to mix in some sandy, grey, or even deep green hues if you’re feeling adventurous! Finish by dabbing on some tinted lip balm, and just remember: with Briar Rose’s look, subtlety is key.” We also suggested using “a little blush, highlighter, or bronzer” to accentuate Briar Rose’s “particularly enviable cheekbones”, and curling your hair. A simple black headband is the final touch, although a wicker handbasket would also be a fun way to reference this Disney princess–and it would be an easy way to carry your belongings on Halloween!

Sleeping Beauty

Credit: Disney

One of the best things about Halloween costumes and Disney princess costumes is their flexibility. You don’t necessarily need to buy a ‘real’ Disney princess costume to get your point across; for example, if you wear Snow White‘s signature colors, even if it’s a shirt and pants instead of a dress, your friends will still know which Disney character you’re referencing. For Briar Rose, just focus on woodsy shades like the ones in your eye makeup! Browns, blacks, grays, earthy green tones will complement the look nicely. Jeans could also work, if you really want to seem rustic. And now you’re prepared to head off into the woods for some berries–and to find your Prince Charming! Want to dress as the version of Aurora from Maleficent and Maleficent: Mistress of Evil? We’ve got a special tutorial for that look right here!

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