Here’s Exactly How To Be Sleeping Beauty For Halloween

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While Halloween is the ideal time for dramatic costumes and heavy makeup, some Disney Fanatics might prefer to wear something a bit more classic or understated. If you want to reference a Disney princess without spending money on a ballgown and without investing lots of time in your Halloween costume, then Sleeping Beauty (also known as Princess Aurora) is the perfect choice for you! If you want an even simpler look, try our tutorial for a Briar Rose Halloween look; if you want to look like Aurora when she’s gussied up in her famous pink (or is it blue?) ballgown, read on for an easy guide to crafting the costume!Aurora-Castle

To make this particularly easy, we’ve already written an article for you detailing exactly how to get each of the classic Disney princesses’ makeup looks. Our guide to Aurora’s ballroom makeup is definitely applicable for a Halloween costume, too! We recommended brown mascara for this Disney princess, “but first embrace tight-lining by focusing some deep brown eyeshadow (or liner) right in the bed of the upper lashes and winging it out just a little. [Apply some] taupe eyeshadow, but now add some gold shimmer on top of it, too—and then incorporate the pièce de résistance: some pink (or blue), as sparkly shadow. This may sound like a lot of color to deal with, but if you apply the shadow sparingly and keep the liner on the upper lash line, then the end result will be a soft, gorgeous, whimsical look that’s in keeping with Aurora’s style”. If you’re intimidated by makeup, don’t fret! You can always just do shimmery pink, blue, or gold eyeshadow across your entire eyelid and follow that up with mascara and a soft pink lip color. The end result will still suit Sleeping Beauty! Aurora

Aurora’s iconic ballgown is beautiful, to be sure, but it’s also expensive to buy a store-bought copy of the dress. Instead, find something you already own that is pink (or blue, if you side with one particularly cantankerous fairy!) and just wear that! It doesn’t even have to be a dress; as long as you’ve curled your hair, done a little glamorous makeup, and danced the waltz, your Halloween compatriots will know which character you’ve chosen for your costume. A crown would be a fun touch, but that’s also optional. All that’s on your task list now is dancing in the clouds! And if you want to imitate the version of Aurora from Maleficent, we have a guide for that here!

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