Disney’s Price Increases Claim Yet Another Victim

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If you’re a Walt Disney World Resort Guest or a Disneyland Resort fan, then you already know that Disney’s prices have increased drastically in the past three years since the COVID-19 pandemic did immense damage to the theme park industry (and, more recently, since inflation has reared its ugly head).

Price increases have included increases in food prices and ticket prices (not to mention increases in the cost of the controversial add-on to the Genie service, which is called Genie+) as well as increases in plenty of other areas, and recent news has indicated that this shift is not exclusively taking place in the American Disney Resorts!

Shanghai Disneyland

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Higher Prices Spread Across Oceans

Apparently, Shanghai Disneyland Resort is about to make a significant increase to its ticket and admission prices as well!

Fortunately, Shanghai Disneyland Resort is providing visitors with plenty of warning since the price increases are set for June 23 of 2023 — but the price increase will still be an unpleasant surprise for many Disney Resort Guests, and it might even be the one thing that keeps them from booking a Disney vacation.

Shanghai Disneyland Differences

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Why Do “Peak” Season Tickets Always Cost the Most?

Shanghai Disney Resort prices will reportedly take on these changes on June 23, with the “Regular” ticket price costing 475 RMB. The slightly more high-end admission price, “Regular Plus,” will cost 599 RMB, and the “Peak” tickets (which are meant to be used in the summertime, aka peak Disney vacation season) will cost 719 RMB.

Shanghai Disneyland Reopening

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If you want to splurge even further on a Shanghai Disney Resort summer vacation, then you’ll want the “Peak Plus” option, which includes “selected Chinese statutory holiday periods, park special event days and selected days in summer season” and costs 799 RMB.

Prices have also increased in Disneyland Paris Resort and Tokyo Disneyland Resort.

To Buy or Not to Buy

The Disney Parks have not been idle when it comes to upping the ante for Disney Guests in terms of new attractions or rides, of course, but time will tell if those advancements are worthy of higher prices in Disney Guests’ minds — whether they’re paying a visit to Walt Disney World Resort or much further afield!

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