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Disney Continues to Push for Inclusion with Latest Change to ‘Peter Pan’

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Credit: Disney

Disney continued to demonstrate its commitment to diversity and inclusion in this latest change to a classic ride.

For years now, Disney has been leaving dozens of fans unhappy with its actions. Some have felt that The Walt Disney Company has gone woke and is “pandering to woke audiences,” while others feel that the company is not doing enough with respect to its efforts to feature diverse stories and characters and practice true inclusivity.

However, one recent announcement shows that the company is continuing to push for its diversity and inclusivity movements.

Tokyo Disneyland Cinderella Castle Sunset

Sunset at Tokyo Disneyland at Cinderella Castle / Credit: Tom B., Flickr

Tokyo Disney Resort Announces New ‘Peter Pan’ Ride

Earlier last year, we reported that Tokyo DisneySea shared more details about new rides coming to the global Disney park. Disney has been working on a $2 billion expansion over the past four years—a section called Fantasy Springs in DisneySea.

Of those, Frozen Kingdom, Rapunzel’s Forest, and Peter Pan’s Neverland will be new iconic locations.

Disney Highlights Notable Changes to Peter Pan’s Neverland

As Cinema Blend reported, the Peter Pan-themed attraction has an interesting change, in line with the movie that came out last year—Peter Pan and Wendy (2023).

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Credit: Disney

In Peter Pan’s Neverland Adventure, guests will join the Lost Kids—rather than the Lost Boys—on a quest to help Peter rescue John from Captain Hook. Disney fans will remember this change from the movie earlier this year, which Tinker Bell actress Yara Shahidi shared was “correcting” the original animated feature.

This said, when it comes to the attraction Peter Pan’s Neverland Adventure, it’s currently unclear if the attraction will have girls and other children in the attraction, along with the Lost Boys.

Disney Peter Pan Remake

Credit: Disney

This push for a more inclusive experience is certainly not new. We’ve reported previously how Disney has made changes to address the cause of diversity and inclusion by broadening cast members’ guidelines and removing the phrase “Ladies and Gentlemen” from pre-recorded announcements.

These announcements have certainly left many Disney fans incredibly excited about what’s to come, and we can’t wait to learn more about these new attractions from Tokyo Disney Resort!

Are you looking forward to these changes? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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