Disney Makes Controversial Update To Resort Rooms

a view of the villas in Disney's Grand Californian Hotel & Spa
Credit: Disney

The Walt Disney Company has certainly made plenty of controversial decisions in recent months — including decisions around the return of retired CEO Bob Iger and the permanent destruction of the Magic Kingdom ride called Splash Mountain — but one smaller issue that upset many Disney Guests actually involved something supposedly-innocuous in their hotel suites.

Last year when the beloved H20+ Beauty bath product line was discontinued, Disney Resort fans and Disney Cruise Line passengers were quick to mourn the H20+ Beauty brand’s signature sea salt products (and to stock up on each skincare product in mass quantities at cheap prices).

H20 Disney products

The H20+ sea salt body wash, mint foot rub, cooling aloe gel, and sea salt body lotion from the now-defunct brand’s Disney collection. These personal hygiene products were popular among Disney Resort or Disney Cruise Line Guests. Photo Credit: Disney

Now, Disney has made yet another big change to Disney Resort Guests’ amenities in the personal hygiene department — and this change also has Disney Resort visitors up in arms!

Disney has started using wall-mounted refillable dispensers for Guests’ shampoo, conditioner, and body wash in bathrooms within hotel suites.

This is becoming standard practice across the hospitality industry, not just at Disney Resorts, but some Guests find the change (even though it’s better for the environment) to be troubling.

Disney H20 bathroom products on sink

The H20+ bath products were popular with Disney Resort Guests or Disney Cruise Line passengers. The sea salt and sea marine products were particularly popular items from the now-defunct brand’s Disney collection. The collections included body lotion, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, soap, and options like foot scrubs or other sea marine skincare product offerings. Credit: Disney Fanatic

Complaints typically have involved Walt Disney World Resort, Disney Cruise Line, or Disneyland Resort Guests’ inability to take leftover travel-sized bottles home with them, as well as Guests’ questions revolving around sanitation.

Now, one Disney Guest has confirmed that the wall-mounted refillable soap, shampoo, and conditioner dispensers are becoming the norm in yet another Deluxe Resort, despite complaints!

Twitter user @K_Manzone has shared a photo from Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, with the following text: “Prepare thy selves! It’s happening to the grand!”


The refillable dispensers look modern and sleek, but Disney Deluxe Resort Guests are still unhappy about the reveal.

“Dang there goes all my travel bottles that I use for work travel,” another Disney fan wrote in response. “Good,” someone with a more sustainability-focused perspective responded. “Much better for the environment.”

“They literally just came in my room today and installed them while we were watching TV,” another Disney Resort Guest wrote.

Change is coming rapidly to this Deluxe Resort, apparently; are you on board with Disney’s effort to decrease its reliance on plastic, or are you unhappy about the decision?

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