Disney Resort Begins Flooding, Dousing Its Guests


Walt Disney World Resort typically runs a tight ship — even if there have been some missteps lately — but one Disney Resort’s “tight ship” has apparently just had some serious leaks that need caulking! The Deluxe Resort hotel called Disney’s Wilderness Lodge just brought a waterfall down on its Guests — while they were inside!

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge is located in the Magic Kingdom Resort Area, and focuses on themes like the Great Outdoors and “the beauty of the untamed wilderness.” Unfortunately, Disney Guests got a little bit more “untamed” in their vacation wilderness than they were bargaining for this time around!

Interior view of Wilderness Lodge Cabins

Wilderness Lodge Cabins at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort Credit: Disney

TikTok user @kingdomreportlive shared footage of a significant ceiling leak on the social media platform, joking that this leak (which was literally dousing the Guests below) was simply an intentional piece of the Wilderness Lodge Resort’s “immersive outdoors-y theming.”


Disney’s Wilderness Lodge w/ the immersive outdoorsy theming at Disney World. #disney #disneytok #christmas #disneyworld #disneytiktok #holiday #wdw

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It’s not every day that you see a tall Disney World Christmas tree right next to a waterfall — especially not indoors in a Walt Disney World Resort location! Cast Members can be seen using recycling bins and other receptacles to try to catch all of the water that was landing on the Resort lobby floor.

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge does have swimming amenities like Boulder Ridge Cove and Copper Creek Springs Pool for Guests who are enjoying its cabins, Copper Creek villas, and Boulder Ridge villas — but the ‘convenience’ of swimming in the Resort lobby might not have been what Guests had in mind for a holiday bonus!

Wilderness Lodge

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort is a Walt Disney World Resort located in Florida in the Magic Kingdom area adjacent to the Disney Park. Credit: Dixie Delights

Disney is of course quick to fix problems like this — at least, when it comes to Resort rooms and Guests who are actively being ‘rained’ on; Disney has actually been underperforming when it comes to theme park ride repairs — so this leak has most likely already been dealt with. But still — if you’re a Wilderness Lodge Guest, you may want to start admiring the views above you more and start keeping an eye out for water coming from ceilings as the Disney Resort faces more difficult weather and cold fronts!

Did you see this leak happening in person?

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